Khottie of the Week: Lee Hong Bin

Posted by Alix on August 4, 2019

Khottie of the Week

I’d started this post months ago while I was watching the drama Witch’s Love and for some reason, it had never made it on to the site. Since it’s too hot today to think very hard I was grateful to discover I had a post already started and so let me introduce you to Lee Hong Bin. Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s in the Name

Posted by SaraG on August 1, 2019


A man with tattoos, piercings, a love of bacon, AND animals? Yes, please. 

Music really and truly plays a major role in how I pick and choose who to spend time with, but I also have a weak spot for all of the things listed above. Choosing new artists is a bit of a chicken and egg situation – do I find someone because of their music or find the music because the artists draw me in. In the case of BIGONE, it was the man himself. On one of my many stolen moments scrolling through Instagram I came across his profile and noted how many of his followers I loved, who he ran around with, and who’s pics he was liking. There was some serious overlap. I knew immediately that this could be a match made in hip hop heaven.

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What’s Happening With… No Min Woo

Posted by Stephanie on July 30, 2019


Life goes humming along. You get in your routines, binge your new shows, listen to the newest batch of idols, develop new tastes and new biases. I don’t want to say we forget the biases of the past, as, do you really forget them? Or do they just sit there, waiting for your attention to return? Waiting for that moment when a single word or image reminds you of what you once loved? That happened to me when I happened to go on Facebook to see in my feed someone else’s moment, someone else’s memory of the past.

Seeing it, I was struck. No Min Woo! I loved him in Pasta, it was so freaking hot. This image here was Full House 2. Did I love him in that? Well… as it was a crapshoot of a show, no, but I choose not to hold that against him. Seeing this image, I was struck with a thought. What is happening with No Min Woo? I feel like if he were active I’d have known about it…but then again, I think that a lot and am often wrong.

I think it’s time to dust off the Wikipedia-mobile and see what our old friend has been up to! Read more

Musical Monday – Complications

Posted by SaraG on July 29, 2019


We all know that at the start of this year, I created a list of three groups/artists that I would travel to see if they came to the US in 2019. One of those popped up and I’m going to Chicago in two weeks to see IMFACT. I’m stoked. But soon after I got those tickets, Pentagon announced a US tour in early September. It was emotionally challenging to say no to that one as they are a group that I find myself loving even when I’m not loving them. But I was going to be on vacay with the family so there was no way it would work anyway. Chicago is the best place for me to see shows right now for various reasons.

We rescheduled vacation. 

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Korean Delay

Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2019


Hey Anyone looking for this week’s Korea post! This is Leadville. This is the place where Molly Brown’s husband made his fortune, enabling her to move onto her unsinkable self. This is also Leadville, a small town in Colorado about 10,000 feet above sea level and about 7000  feet above breathable air. This is Leadville, who laughs at T-Mobile’s attempts at cell phone reception and the place where LizC, Alix and Lucy and I spent the weekend. Unfortunately, as the air is thin and the hiking is a must, I didn’t get to the photo editing I needed to in order to post this week’s post. As this week’s post is about our first full day in Seoul, with visits to SMTown, Codex Mall, and an EPIC food tour through the back-alleys of Insadong, I want to take the time to do it right. We’ll be back next week. While you’re waiting you can look at some of these pics from Leadville!


Chottie of the Week: Yang Yang

Posted by Alix on July 27, 2019

Khottie of the Week

After hearing both Cherry and Stephanie talk about how much they love Love O2O on the podcast and knowing that Stephanie has rewatched it at least once, I decided to give it a go. I watched about two-thirds of the drama pretty quickly and then stalled out. It is very cute and the main couple is very cute, and I do intend to go back to it at some point but I did learn that the lead actor, Yang Yang, falls pretty high on Stephanie’s bias list. And because she has a lot going on right now, thought I would do her a favor and throw a lot of pictures of him her way. Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s Only Natural

Posted by SaraG on July 25, 2019


I don’t know why I just love it. So there. 

I’m writing this on Monday…the Monday where I had to leave work in the middle of the day to get the kids from camp even though my husband promised that he would take care of it all week. The Monday where my one and only meeting was canceled because the star attendee got an ear infection on vacation. The Monday where after eating a single piece of popcorn, my crown broke and I spent the rest of the workday in the dentist’s chair getting a new one (thank God for my clever, same-day crown dentist). The same day where I wasn’t supposed to be in charge of making dinner but somehow it’s the next thing on my to-do list.  

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Every B-Lead Has His Day

Posted by Stephanie on July 23, 2019

Casting News

While I’m not going to say it’s one of my top 5 dramas, or even in my top 10 dramas, I have to say the Kdrama from years ago, When It’s At Night, is one I used to love. Now if I were counting my top 5 most rewatched dramas? Yep, it would definitely rank high in there. Hmmm…now that’s a post I should contemplate! Since then I have kept Mr. Lee Dong Gun on my radar, waiting for his next lead. Which…unfortunately, hasn’t really happened.

I refuse to consider Marry Him If You Dare.

He’s lingered in B-lead City, hung around in Important Sidecharacter Land, and took a quick jaunt to Villianville. Now? Chhooo-choooo! Next Stop Hero Junction! Read more

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