Musical Monday – The Dancers

Posted by SaraG on September 30, 2019


Supergroups and project groups aren’t new to Kpop. They’ve been around as long as there’s been talent – and that’s forever. Letting artists mess around with other artists, those they aren’t used to working with, can bring out all sorts of interesting sounds and performances and allows them to experiment and try something new without compromising the concept or image of their original group. I’m 100% in support of that. I like experimentation. Too much of the same thing gets old for me after about three comebacks. New stuff is the ticket to my soul.

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Korean Adventures Day Fifteen: A Tale of Two Thursdays

Posted by Stephanie on September 29, 2019


Here it is, we’ve finally come to our last days of adventures while in Korea! Can you believe we made it? And with the exception of an errant few late postings, we completed something as planned? I know, I’m shocked, too! In this final episode, we have lots to talk about, as, thanks to the magic of time zones and the power of jet lag, this day actually took place twice, one infinitely better than the other. 

Shall we get to it then? 

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Khottie of the Week: EXO’s Baekhyun

Posted by Alix on September 29, 2019

Khottie of the Week/ Music

Life is really busy at the moment and when life is busy one needs an easy Khottie post. I had visions but those visions would have required much time and effort and that’s just not happening this week. I do promise to share those visions when I have a moment to breathe. Baekhyun happened to appear at the top of my Pinterest feed and then I watched a SuperM video this morning, granted it’s hard not to see SuperM these days, and it was like the universe said here’s your khottie for the week. Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Over Full

Posted by SaraG on September 26, 2019


If you listen to the podcast, I’m sure you heard it in Molly and Stephanie’s voices this past week – there’s an overabundance of Kpop love going around and I’m not quite sure what triggered it. I’m in the same boat. For some reason, after a similar experience this spring, I had a bit of a slow summer. Musically, I was constantly going back to the same stuff, relistening and rewatching things I’d heard and seen a million times, maybe I was looking for comfort, going through a rebonding phase, or just in a mood. Who knows. 

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Korean Adventures Day Fourteen: Accident? Shoplifting? I’ve Heard It Both Ways

Posted by Stephanie on September 25, 2019


Turns out, Day Fourteen? Day fourteen is the day I decided not to take photos as if nothing happened. We actually did a fair amount of cleanup this day, the day before we leave for home. However, despite that, apparently, I said, yeah, I’m done taking photos. Of course, the last day of cleanup is essentially doing all the things we meant to do before leaving. Going to places just one more time, eating that one final snack, hanging out for the last time with a new friend. So we circle the edges of our last days here and start preparations for the long trip home….and possible larceny.  Read more

Musical Monday – They Should Change the Rules

Posted by SaraG on September 23, 2019


I am not a waiter. I have friends, my sweet KB Alix for instance, who perform better with a light at the end of the tunnel, a reward after a job well done, something to look forward to. I do not. I like to open the new album and find out who is on my boyfriend card as I’m walking out of the store. I like binge-watching lots and lots of episodes at once because they’re available. I like seeing the spoilers. I like to know what the surprise present is…I’ll still be excited, I’m always excited. 

That’s not to say that I can’t wait, but it’s just not my preferred method of living. 

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It Thrilled and Killed

Posted by SaraG on September 19, 2019


I woke up with a song in my head – with this song in my head. My husband is just as much a music lover as I am, but very different music, so I don’t usually make him listen to Kpop in an effort to ensure he doesn’t make me listen to avant-garde jazz. It’s one of our secrets to a long marriage. But this morning I woke up with Thrilla Killa in my head and I had to have it. I figured I was cooking breakfast for everyone so I should have control of at least 3 minutes and 50 seconds of our collective air time. 

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Korean Adventure Day Thirteen: Milk Tea Coffee Prince 

Posted by Stephanie on September 18, 2019


Surprising lack of images to go along with this post. Turns out, when one is shopping, one forgets to document for posterity. Don’t you worry, I’m similarly irritated with myself. That being said, we have an interesting and different day in Korea. There’s a moment when you’re getting to the end of your trip, you’ve hit your highlights and are like…what else is there to do? Don’t get me wrong, we knew there was tons of stuff left to do, even now there are things on our to-do list we kick ourselves for not getting to either due to distance, forgetfulness, or simple ignorance. So…we wing it. And end up having a really great day…including meeting future Mr. Stephanie, my very own Milk Tea Coffee Prince. Read more

Musical Monday – You’ll Have to Trust Me

Posted by SaraG on September 16, 2019


We, Kpop fans, spend an inordinate amount of time looking at, talking about, and thinking about appearance. Let’s be honest, we didn’t pick up this hobby because it’s deep and meaningful. The idols are hot – male and female – and we love it. I’m not saying that’s the only thing going on, I have all sorts of emotions and thoughts and opinions on Kpop, the industry, racial concerns, objectification, etc. But, it’s didn’t start that way. I wasn’t pondering how I could pick up a weird proclivity to make myself stand out as an intellectual when I caught that first MV. I was intrigued because they were gorgeous and talented. 

There are certainly groups that I barely listen to but continue to adore because of how they look, how’re they’re styled, and the other content they put out. But, on the other hand, there are plenty of artists I follow that I am zero percent physically attracted to. At least on first – or even second- impression. Sometimes talent and execution makes me sit up and take notice. On that note, let’s talk about Bloo. Read more

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