Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Forgotten Favorites

Posted by SaraG on September 7, 2017


I have a list (or I would if I had thought of making one when I first became obsessed with music) a million miles long of songs that I love, love, love, but forget about almost as soon as the last notes drift away. When they pop up on a playlist I get all excited and can almost feel the music tickling my skin and making me all excited. I am willing to wager that you have some of those songs too, maybe music from high school that you’ve almost forgotten about but still know ALL of the lyrics. Or maybe it’s music your parents played all the time and whether you like it or not, you love it. Or maybe, if you’re like me, it’s almost everything because you consume music at such a frantic pace that your little brain can’t keep up.

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New on the Scene: Golden Child

Posted by KpopontheDL on September 6, 2017

Music/ New on the Scene

One of my most anticipated rookie group debuts this year was Woollim’s Golden Child, Infinite’s little brother group.  GolCha, as they like to call themselves, is an 11 member group consisting of Daeyeol (who is actually Infinite Sungyeol’s little brother), Y, Jaeseok, Jangjun, TAG, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan and Bomin. Read more


Posted by Stephanie on September 5, 2017


So, it’s entirely possible I may have accidentally turned my new roommate’s Youtube gay. Super gay. Ummm…sorry? Read more

Exciting Return Casting

Posted by Stephanie on September 5, 2017

Casting News

It’s not often I’m all ‘woohoo’ actress signed up for a new role. I feel bad about that. But can I change it? Well, if it hasn’t happened yet, I can’t imagine it’s going to magically begin anytime soon. Except. Woohoo, an actress signed up for a new drama! Fairly certain we featured Jung Ryeo Won in a previous episode of What’s Happening With (huh, it’s been a while, I wonder what’s happening with What’s Happening With?) wondering what she’s been up to and now — she’s just signed up for a new drama.  Read more

Musical Monday – Shameless Flirts

Posted by SaraG on September 4, 2017



You may have noticed, but I’m pretty sure even my own mother has a comeback scheduled for September. I’m a bit overwhelmed and you want to know what’s making it worse? All of the darned teasers. This is a phenomenon in Kpop that I have never experienced in American music – either because it doesn’t happen quite as obviously or I have just never gotten sucked in by them. But for some reason, and it could be because people send me easy to click on links, I totally get the Kpop teasers and adore them. They get me all worked up and either excited or devastated depending on what they contain.

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Khottie of the Week: Daehyun

Posted by KpopontheDL on September 2, 2017

Khottie of the Week/ Music

Anybody here play StarPOP?  It’s a phone game that basically lets you keep an idol as a pet – think Farmville, but with more hand hearts.  Until recently they only had SM Entertainment artists, and I had slaved to keep Key and Xiumin happy before I inevitably lost interest in my sweet, but high maintenance, boys. Well, they recently announced the addition of B.A.P to the lineup!  (They have also added CNBLUE!).  I decided to rejoin so I could play with Bang, but his avatar is sort of odd looking, so I went with Winwin instead. However, SaraG is playing with Daehyun, and he’s perfect in both looks and personality for the game.  He’s always been fabulous at fan service.  So in honor of the game, and B.A.Ps impending comeback (Yay!), this week’s Khottie will be Daehyun. Read more

BONUS PODCAST! KCon Special: All That Drama Panel

Posted by Cherry Cordial on September 1, 2017


BONUS PODCAST! KCon Special: All That Drama Panel

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Show Notes

Hello, everyone! Turns out Stephanie needs to rest a little more than originally anticipated, so this week we’re going to take a little break. Luckily, we have some fun stuff to take our place! It’s the All That Kdrama Panel from KCon, featuring Young Ajumma, Zombie Mama, Lisa Espinosa, and, well, Stephanie! They’ll be taking you through Kdrama 101.

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Rebooting

Posted by SaraG on August 31, 2017


I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with I don’t know how many people about how we have reached our absolute maximum capacity for falling in love with new artists…be they boy groups, girl groups, duos, solo artists, or subunits. There is just an overwhelming amount of content coming out of South Korea and trying to consume it is like turning on a fire hose pointed directly at my heart. And yet, I continue to find room in that tiny muscle to fit just one more soul mate…or five.

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Holy Hoya!

Posted by Stephanie on August 30, 2017

General/ Music

Word has just been released that Hoya, member of Infinite and Wollem entertainment, has decided to no longer be part of Infinite and Woollim Entertainment. Holy Hola Fudge.

Can’t say I saw this coming. Can’t say any of us did.  Read more

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