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Top 5 LGBT Dramas/Shows: A Redo

Posted by Stephanie on October 10, 2016

Top Five

heart-1348870_960_720Sometimes it’s good to revisit, to refresh and renew. Things you liked before, you may have seen the light, may realize, ‘woah. What was this craptastic thing I once like and shudder suggested to others?’ There are also the things that you now love and because you’ve already proclaimed I LOVE THESE OTHER THINGS, it makes your love a dark and secret love. A love that, when someone else says, well, what about this one? This one is so much cooler than that one and you’re all, ‘but I love that one!’ they can side eye your list and go ‘uhhhuh. Sure you do.’ (While giving you the I know you’re just jumping on the popularity bandwagon eye roll.) Jeesh. Apparently, I am in an odd mood today and obviously, I have what the teachers would say an over-active imagination.

True enough.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to redo my Top Five LGBT drama and movie list. I know it gets a lot of traffic and I shudder to think of that list, and those side-eyes I’m probably getting. Not that the entries were bad, it’s just that since I’ve been compiling the LGBT page I’ve seen so many more, that it needs, no, it must be updated.

And since I’m a big fat cheater, I’m giving you my top 10—but it’s okay, it’s my website, I can do things like that. Read more

Top Five Inexcusably Redeemed Irredeemable Characters

Posted by Stephanie on October 6, 2016

Top Five



Something you might not know about me. I am the queen of the Grudge Holders. If holding a grudge were an Olympic sport then I would hold silver and would spend the rest of my days plotting the demise of gold. You know. Because my mama raised me right.

So, one thing which perpetually drives me crazy about Kdrama? Their perpetual need to forgive and forget. No matter how bad the person is, no matter how evil the deeds they are during the course of our drama. By the end, all is forgiven and my teeth are stuck, clenched together.

In honor of my non-forgiving nature, here is my list of Top Five people who should never have been forgiven. Sometimes these people are the big bads and others? Just irritated the fudge out of me.

Read more

Top 5 Favorite Side Couples

Posted by Stephanie on August 2, 2016

Top Five

heart hands

You know the ones I’m talking about, the couples that, if not steal the show directly from our main couple, they are definitely one (and two) of the main reasons you watch. Here is my list of the Top 5 Side Couples. Read more

Top Five Supernatural Dramas

Posted by Stephanie on April 8, 2016

Top Five

spookySomething spooky this way comes! There are a fair amount of kdramas out there with creatures that go bump in the night, mystical items which transport you through time—things which if you saw in your normal life—would make you stop and go woah.

Collecting my list, I see that there are a lot of supernatural dramas I still have left to compete, and even more surprisingly, find that a good amount of the more mainstream ones are just not favorites of mine.

So, here’s my Top 5 list of dramas with an otherworldly bent. Read more

Top 5 Drama I Always Meant To Go Back To

Posted by Stephanie on December 11, 2015

Top Five

dramasWe all have them. Dramas you always, with the best intentions, meant to go back to finish. You know the ones, the dramas that you’re enjoying pretty well (because, let’s admit it, if you loved them, you really would have gone back to them) but life got in the way, as it always does, and you had to stop watching. You of course tell yourself, after this one more task I’ll finish. Just one more thing and I’ll sit back down.

But then life happens, or more importantly, more dramas happen, and you never actually sit back down to them.

As the end of the year rolls in, and year end posts keep revealing their ugly heads, we’re reminded of all these ghosts of dramas past. So here is my list of Top 5 dramas I always had meant to go back to watch. Read more

Musical Monday: Top 5 Nell MV Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 2, 2015

Music/ Top Five


After last week, when YouTube Red became a reality, my heart was crushed. Woolim Entertainment either by accident or design had not toed he YouTube line and were immediately shutoff (or more, not available in this country.) I was a wreck. If you pay any attention here at all, you’ll know that I have a great big fluffy love for Nell, Nell the band that makes songs that I said before and still stands true–I want to make out with. Yep, I want to make out with each and every one of their songs.  Read more

Top 5 Kdrama Serenades

Posted by Stephanie on September 25, 2015

Top Five


Since most of us have not had the pleasure of speaking in person, you probably don’t know of this one small, very small, annoying personality tick that I have. No, it’s not the one where I have a snarky conversation between me and the other person where I fill in their side of the conversation for them. No, it’s not my irrational fear of ladybugs. It’s not even my need to bring up Kdrama or Kpop into every conversation I have (ahem—raise your hand if you’re guilty of this one) Nope, for some reason if I, at random and unnecessary moments, will break out into song. (Turns out in just one Kcon panel I did this twice.) Yes. Yes, I know how annoying this is and yet I just can’t stop myself. It’s a sickness I tell you, a sickness.

Feel free to judge.

And, if Kdrama is any example, I am not alone. There are those moments where regular words just won’t cut it and the hero and/or heroine need to express themselves through song. So here is my list of top 5 serenades. Now, I’ve made an executive decision that this list will not include any songs sung in a noraebong environment as that is an entirely different beast deserving of its own list. Read more

Top 5 Underreated Dramas

Posted by Stephanie on September 6, 2015

Top Five

graphic watch drama

I was talking to Kchat Jjigae friend, Jacqueline the other day about dramas that she, as a relative kdrama newbie, should check out. Now, as someone who has immersed herself in the the Kdrama fandom culture, she knew about the big ones, the big names that in order to call oneself  true kdrama fan, one needs to hit. The ones that everyone talk about. But there are other, lesser known or less successful dramas out there that are worthy of more attention or acclaim. The unsung drama heroes who have plenty of cracky stories to share and are just waiting for someone to notice them. Now these dramas may not be perfect, but really, how many are? However all of these dramas have a little something which begs you to take a look. It kind of sounds like “Over here! Look at us! We’re interesting too! Come on, guys!”

Here’s my top 5 list of Underrated dramas.  Read more

Top 5 Fight Scenes

Posted by Stephanie on August 21, 2015

Top Five

bad guy

I might be a bloodthirsty wench as there is nothing better than a well-orchestrated fight scene to get the blood pumping and the sqeees a-flowin’. There are those scenes that just stick in your brain, that make the drama just that much more memorable. Here is my list of the top five drama fight scenes. Read more

Top 5 Actors Who Need To Get Back To Dramas Already

Posted by Stephanie on July 29, 2015

Top Five

time clock 2We understand it, we really do, dramaland is a stressful and frankly unhealthy place to be. We understand you wanting to take time before jumping into new projects—or how the lure of new, not drama projects might be more alluring—but come on. Throw us a bone for crying out loud.

Here is my list of the top 5 actors who need to get back to dramas already: Read more

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