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Musical Monday: The Prepping For CL/Girls Night Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 24, 2016

Music/ NYC Adventures

noraebangThis is not so much a Musical Monday post as it is a look at how nerdy I am post. Yes, that’s a thing, I just made it one. So. This weekend is the CL concert/Stephanie birthday celebration!  Just as an update, yes, Kate persuaded me to buy a ticket to the CL concert. She had a convincing argument.

It went something like this…

“If I’m hauling my butt all the way there from NH, you’re effing going to that concert.” Read more

The Kpop Coffee Experience

Posted by Stephanie on July 2, 2016

NYC Adventures


The other day my New Jersey partner in k-crime, Regina, sent me a high alert Instagram. I believe it said something like CHECK THIS OUT. MUST DO THIS ASAP. ROADTRIP??? If you check out the post, you can probably see just why she was so excited about this place…

Read more

Musical Monday: I Love Dance Showcase

Posted by Stephanie on June 13, 2016

Music/ NYC Adventures


This weekend I was invited to I Love Dance’s annual showcase by my friend Alexis. What is this and why should you care, you ask? I Love Dance is a Kpop dance class! Yep, it was an afternoon of excited dancers showing off their sweet-ass dance moves to the likes of BTS, CL, iKON, and 4Minute. Now this is my sort of recital. Read more

Junsu Haul!

Posted by Stephanie on June 6, 2016

Music/ NYC Adventures


As (cross my fingers) my knees are finally starting to be on the mend (yes, it has taken a year, FML), I’m excited to say I am starting to actually leave my house again. You know what this means?!? KTOWN! Woohoo. Today, I was on a mission. One mission. To get Junsu’s new CD. To which I will say I was successful. Very successful. So successful, he may have killed me.

Just a little bit. Read more

Friday Fun: Cherry Blossoms

Posted by Stephanie on May 22, 2015

NYC Adventures


I was lucky enough to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for their Cherry Blossoms. I’ve always wanted to go to Korea to see theirs, but this will just have to do. (For now.) It is possible I walked around the whole day pretending I was in Korea.

I went there with my friend Azy to work on my camera skills–here are some of my better shots. Read more

Friday Fun: NYC Chinese Lunar New Years Parade

Posted by Stephanie on February 27, 2015

NYC Adventures

New York City has a lot of parades–a lot. However my favorite, hands down? The Chinese Lunar New Year Parade. Dancing Dragons? Confetti cannons? What is not to love?

This year, despite the snow, I packed off my new camera and headed off, ready to fight with the massive crowds, the old ladies calling out “Handbag, handbag, you want handbag?”, and wet cold feet in order to see the year of the sheep (or ram, or goat).

CNYF19 Read more

Hey there!

Posted by Stephanie on February 24, 2015

NYC Adventures

20150224_174330Hey there, cute Korean guy who sat next to me on the train.

You don’t know me. But I’d like you to. I’d also like if you had appreciated all of the efforts I put into getting you to notice me. These efforts include, but are not limited to, casually opening to my phones wallpaper, which happens to be the photo I took of GDragon. If you’d just looked over and noticed me almost waving the photograph under your nose, you could have asked “Hey, is that GDragon?” and I’d confirm, not only yes it was, but that I’d taken it myself after speaking at KCon last year. You could have been suitably impressed.


Or maybe you could have noticed me slowly scrolling through music, again with my phone tilted ever so gently in your direction, hoping you’d see it was filled with a large and varied collection of Korean music from the obvious Kpop, to rap, to Kindie. Again, you could have been impressed that not only did I know what Kpop was, but you could have appreciated that I’ve moved beyond that. I’m not sure why you didn’t take notice of this. Really, how long does one scroll through their album list? Usually, you’re in, you choose one, you’re out. I was sucking up valuable battery time in order for you to notice me. Read more

M.I.B? Turns Out I’m A Fan!

Posted by Stephanie on October 17, 2014

NYC Adventures

MIB Korea Festival 4

At last weekends Flushing’s Korean Chuseok Festival the Kpop band M.I.B closed out the show. Before the performance, I was all “Eh, M.I.B, run of the mill, mid-level Kpop band”. Read more

NYC Gets It’s Korean Festival On

Posted by Stephanie on October 14, 2014

NYC Adventures


The last couple of weekends have been bursting with Korean pride here in NYC and I was lucky enough to catch it all. The weekend before there was a street festival right in KTown on 32nd street, and last weekend was a 2 day festival in Flushing.

I had completely forgotten about the first one, and was completely surprised as I hit Korea town just a few minutes before my Korean class. It was raining and gross, but the street was filled with tents of with people hawking goods an services. There were babies in hanboks! I was so bummed that 1) I had gotten there so late and missed, apparently girls on the main stage doing the fan dance (hence the babies in hanboks) and 2) that I was going to have to spend the next hour and a half in class, instead of being outside experiencing everything. Read more

It’s Time to Unpack the Khottie Catcher!

Posted by Stephanie on March 20, 2014

Casting News/ NYC Adventures

Khottie catcherI was reading this completely random article about some actress from the hit Empress Ki, leaving the show (after her character is offed) and joining some new variety show. I know, big whoop right?

The show, a spin off Laws of the Jungle where it took stars and dumped them into (I’m guessing) the jungle, is being revamped into Laws of the City. This show is planning on taking famous people and dumping them into unknown cities. You know. Big foreign cities.

Cities like New York City. Read more

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