Khottie of the Week: Im Chang Kyun

Posted by Alix on February 23, 2020

Khottie of the Week

It always feels somewhat bittersweet when the maknae of a group you’ve followed since your early days of #klife turns 24. It’s a made-up milestone that really has no meaning but when you write this post every week it starts to feel like a turning point. A turning point towards what I’m not sure but at least we can commemorate with a post.

Im Chang Kyun, better known as I.M, turned 24 on January 26th.

He’s one of the rappers in Monsta X.

He speaks English fluently having spent a number of years living abroad, including the US.

He always seemed older than he was, especially in comparison to the other members. 

He’s had a lot of good looks over the years.

Including small tattoos.

And large tattoos.

Soft and fluffy.



Studious, yet sexy. 

Wet…and sexy.

Hot and sexy. 

You can follow Monsta X on Instagram @official_monsta_x

Listen to their new album and try and see one of their many shows on this spring’s tour…they need our support.




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