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Posted by Stephanie on May 14, 2019

Casting News

In deciding what to write about today, looking at all of the things that are currently tickling my k-fancy (and there is a lot) I’ve decided to follow SaraG’s Musical Monday lead and go with a webtoon inspired post. She mentioned how often webtoons are translated into dramas, and she’s not wrong. Many of our favorites came right from the computer screen to the…computer screen.

And now we have a new one which circles us back around again.

This drama called July Found By Chance is not only being picked up for a live-action adaptation, but it’s also being done by MBC as a full drama, rather than the usual short episode web drama. makes sense considering webtoons are epically long. Seriously, so long. I’ve tried to read a few and then lose interest partway through— which is why I love a good adaptation, lots of the meat cut down for me into a plate-sized portion.

This webdrama/webtoon is about a bunch of characters of a manhwa who realize they are in a manhwa and decide to try and act un-manhwa like. That sentence only makes sense if you know a manhwa is a manga. That explanation only makes sense if you know a manga is like a graphic novel.

How a picture in a picture in a picture!

I wonder how the story goes, what’s the point of acting unmanhwa like, do they think they’ll escape the story? Or is it taking control of their own lives? Thinking that even if they are part of a prewritten story, they can still do what they want? But if it’s within the writing of the story, how do they know that’s not what the story is? Hmmm. Picture in picture.

Of course, you’re probably saying right now, if I had only read the webtoon I’d actually know exactly what the plot was…to which I say, good point, however, not always. Didn’t the Clean With a Passion of Now drama add a completely new character? Last fall’s Dokgo Rewind mini drama was actually a prequel to the existing story. And everyone knows the books are not always like the dramas. (Especially in webtoons, I believe we’ve already gone over how long they are, something has to get cut or condensed in order to tell one overarching story.

But still, the premise interests me.

The production is currently trying to sign on SF9’s Rowoon for his first leading role. While I don’t know much about him, I didn’t stick around his last drama Where The Stars Land long enough to actually see his part, looking at his picture above, he looks a lot like the hero in a webtoon. I’ll be interested to see if he actually takes the part, though, unless it messes with his SF9 schedule, I could see how a leading role would be a hard thing to turn down. My guess? He’s going to sign on. Who can say no to that?

All in all, interesting things happening in Kdrama nowadays!


In case you missed it, here’s SaraG’s Musical Monday Post on the webtoon Lost In Translation.


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