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Posted by SaraG on May 13, 2019


The line between fantasy and reality is very clear to me. It’s like a brick wall…but a brick wall with a door that I choose to leave open and walk through every few minutes. My real life is pretty freaking awesome, but my fantasy life is rich and deep and varied. In order to maintain that level of ‘creativity’, I need all sorts of input and content. Kpop is rich and ripe and willing to feed me. Or overfeed me…we’ve talked about that before. There’s so much. I could seriously feed a year’s worth of intricately woven daydreams with what I see or hear on an almost daily basis.

And yet, I keep looking for more. And finding it.

So many of the dramas we watch and love are based on manga and manhwa from Japan and Korea and even though they’re trite and tropey and so incredibly predictable, we keep going back because they are a perfect escape. Many of us actually started in the manga world, learning about Kdramas through facebook fan pages or stumbling on a link when we looked up the anime version of our fav books. I know that’s what happened to me. But recently, I had an urge to go back to the source material and see what I’ve been missing – and anticipate the dramas we’ll be getting in a few years. Luckily, KpopontheDL, as always, had my back. She’s all “download Line Webtoons and check out Lost in Translation” with the followup text, “Now.”

And I DID! And I LOVE.

The story, by writer jjolee, is a slice of life piece about Wylde, a Kpop idol tormented by rumors, lies, misunderstandings, and an incredibly hot coffee shop employee. Yes, a drawn fella can be incredibly hot. Promise. His whole group is fleshed out with complicated backstories and their current situation is rife with a precarious feeling. The counterpart girl group is amazing and complex and rich. Gah. I basically devoured the approximately 85 episodes as soon as they were posted.

But it’s not just the actual webtoon. They, the idol group Mayhem, have an insta account and posters and schwag and they NOW HAVE A SONG. Well, they cover a song. Well, an artist, pretending to be our hero covers a song. But it’s so good.

Shoot Me, You’lllee (feat. Wylde) – Day6 Cover

And, I’m sorry…The webtoon is on hiatus right now as the person drawing it has a life and things she wants to do. But I looooove everything about it so I don’t even mind at all. And She’s not gonna let it drop and you have a lot to catch up on. Get reading.

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  • Reply Stephanie May 13, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    This is great! I can’t wait to watch the tv show they will eventually make it into 😉

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