Lee Min Ho Confirms First Post Military Drama!

Posted by Stephanie on May 7, 2019

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While Lee Min Ho, or Lee Min Ho’s people, or the people potentially attached to dramas Lee Min Ho had been thinking about joining, were all surprisingly quiet about any possibilities, turns out? He was not resting on his laurels, just counting the days until his release, no, he was out there doing what almost ready to be released from the military guys do, choose his next drama.

Turns out? Choosy Lee Min Hos choose a pretty epic pairing.

Who? Well, remember a little drama called Heirs? And the huge popularity around that? Yep, not only has Lee Min Ho signed onto his next drama, but the current Queen of Dramas Writers, Kim Eun Suk of such huge classics Descendents of the Sun, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and of course, Heirs, has announced her new drama. Which is kind of funny as last week when rumors escaped that she was not only planning her next drama, but it was also going to be with one of the directors she worked with on Descendents, the whole team was like “hmmm…I’m not certain where you heard such gross inaccuracies.” This week it’s, “Giggle, yeah, you got us, we’re coming back.”

I’m interested to see what they are going to be coming out with (as is the whole k-community with that amount of star power behind it) even though, unfortunately, I didn’t really have any interest in watching her last drama, Mr. Sunshine as the Japanese takeover time period is soo sad, and I think I paid my k-dues watching Bridal Mask. This drama is about two dimensions taking place next to each other, one where there is a monarchy and a king who is doing his best to close the door between the two worlds and on the other side, in present-day Korea, a police detective works hard to “protect those he loves”. Hmmm… will Lee Min Ho play both parts? Grumbly detective and overwhelmed king?

It’s an ambitious project for his first time out! But if it works? Look what Descendants of the Sun did for Song Joong Ki!

The downside to all of this? Filming isn’t even set to begin until the end of the year so, if you’re looking to get your Lee Min Ho fix this year? You’re going to have to stick to his delightful travels on Instagram because The King: The Eternal Monarch isn’t coming anywhere near our televisions until 2020.

Ain’t that a kick in our Lee Min Ho lovin’ hearts?

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