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Posted by Stephanie on February 26, 2019

Casting News

Great news for those of you named LizC…or I guess any other fan of N.Flying (there are probably even more of you now that they unexpectedly reached number one with their last release). Two of the four members are going to be in a drama. Together! That’s a 50% chance you’ll get to see your bias in a show. (At least I’m pretty sure, math has never been my strong suit.)

It was announced that Lee Seung Hyub And Kim Jae Hyun are going to be not only in but starring in an upcoming webdrama as friends. Or, looking at the description of the show, and the history of kdrama, they start out as enemies and become friends. Hmm… I’m just wondering how either of these two goobers (I mean this in the most delightful way) would pull that off. Lee Seung Hyub will play the pessimistic friend and that would mean, by process of k-elimination, Kim Jae Hyun will be the optimistic one.

I joke but I actually find the N.Flying delightful and Happy That It’s This All-Male High School, especially with its 10 webisode length episodes, will totally be something I check out. Do you follow their Instagram? It’s delightful.

N.Flying has had quite the up and down year, with the loss of their bass player and the completely unexpected success with their latest release. (Seriously, if you don’t know about this, look it up, they were actually done promoting…for a while and then all of a sudden it shot up the charts. What a great feeling that must have been! Imagine waking up in the morning and someone, probably a manager, running in, out of breath, shouting “Guys, you’ve done it!” What a great day. Now this? What a rollercoaster.

Since the show premieres in April, there really isn’t that much time before we get to see the show, which is even better…don’t you just love the kdrama turn around? It’s generally pretty much instant gratification. (Unless it’s one of those rare ones where preproduction goes on for so long you actually forget about the show altogether.)

Anyway, congrats N.Flying boys! Congrats on your year, your drama, and I’m sure whatever awesome is also going to come your way.

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