Musical Monday – Evolution

Posted by SaraG on December 17, 2018


So many of us fear change. We look at it like it will inevitably fail us somehow, bringing us closer to some terrible end. But that’s not always the case. It is, in fact, rarely the case. Life is a dynamic and ever evolving mess of happenstance and planned transformation. It’s messy and uncomfortable and jarring. And I love it.

Music is a lot like life in that way. Sometimes a group debuts and we live for those first few tracks and we can’t help but be disappointed by the sophomore album and sometimes, when the fates are being particularly awesome, we actually grow to love the sound a group embraces once they gain a little more freedom to find and develop their own sound. And, when things are perfect, we love the origin and the destination with equal fervor. For me, there are plenty of Kpop groups in all of those categories and some groups whom I haven’t yet classified.

TraxX falls into that final allotment. I don’t know them well enough to say what I think, I have never followed them faithfully or searched them out. I just know that they exist. Their newest release, Escape, however, may change that. I may have to take a deep dive and see what I think.

The group started out in 2004 as a four-member rock band but progressed through member changes and stylistic choices until present days. In March of this year, the group changed their name from the original Trax to TraxX and added a DJ/Producer by the name of GINJO. They are no, officially, an EDM group. And despite my hesitation around things actually labeled EDM, I approve of their take wholeheartedly. This most recent release is wonderfully heavy and driving. You can hear the guitars and drums and the over-production so common in the genre. It’s typical and not typical all at once. I want to dance to it in a club way past my bedtime with too much booze in my system and feel the wild abandon I remember from my late teens/early twenties in Scotland.

Escape, TraxX

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  • Reply DBChen December 22, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    First surprise: it’s all in English
    Second: it goes from EDM to buzzy guitar to screamy rock singing

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