It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….God’s Quiz!

Posted by Stephanie on October 9, 2018


Not Kidding, this fall just keeps getting better and better! Just when you narrow down what to watch, something else pops up and you’re reminded…crap, you need to make some more space. On the one hand, it’s all very exciting and makes a fangirl go oooohhhh…. on the other hand? WHERE ARE WE GOING TO FIND TIME FOR ALL OF THIS???

With that being said? God’s Quiz: Reboot officially has a teaser!

Take a look at this:

Yeah! So we have back our lead romantic lead, the officer, AND one of my favorite characters (outside of Dr Han) the coroner! Of course, the others are new (I don’t think the male detective is the same one Dr. Han was partnered up with in season 3),as all the other ones keep dying in the other seasons! So watch out character actors, if you think you’re here for the long haul, don’t unpack your nanny van quite yet.

While the trailer wasn’t long, it really does give me a lot of hope for what this show is going to be, or, what the tone of the show is going to be. Yes, the show is mostly serious, sometimes sad, but a lot of times, thanks to Dr Han and the characters around him, it’s witty and fun. This season is set years later (as it’s been years since we’ve had a new season, so long so that we actually gave up and pshawed the continued rumors of new episodes.) and Dr Han has been on the run for all of this time. It wouldn’t have surprised me if it had decided to cut out the fun and just turn to the dark.

But then would it still be the show we love?

However, with the smiles on the characters faces, the looks of happy surprise to see  Dr. Han, and then to see the gravity but then the bright smile on his face when he’s finally revealed to the camera? This just might be the God’s Quiz we all love. Fingers crossed at least!

God’s Quiz: Reboot starts on November 7th on OCN….now I guess we also have to cross our fingers that someone is going to sub this for us! If you see anyone showing it in their upcoming shows or future lineups, please let me know! I really want to watch this.


PS! Look at the pics I found! Those pics of him in the chair all dark and suit clad makes me wonder, what is going on with Dr Han?? Has he gone evil? Has he taken those last few years and used his smarts to become super wealthy? All the questions I have!

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