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Posted by Stephanie on September 5, 2018


It’s been a while guys! I’m sorry I’ve neglected you on these updates. My personal computer has been in the shop and, I’m not sure why, but for some reason, I didn’t feel super comfortable looking up additions on my work computer. “Hey Stephanie, we’ve been looking at your search history and…we have some questions.” But I’ll have you know, the first thing I did once I got my baby back was to research a butt-ton of new additions, so we’ll be set for a few new posts.

I’m always surprised when I come across some older ones, for some reason, I always think we’ve gotten to them all, but, nope, more keep popping up all the time! There are a few on this list which have definitely been put on my personal TBWList. 

Love By Chance 2018, Thai Drama

Pete is a handsome and rich university student that is incredibly timid. His shyness is caused by the fact that he tries to hide that he is secretly gay. By chance, Pete gets hit by a kind-hearted boy on a bike. The boy, named Ae apologizes and helps him up. Whenever Pete trusts someone they use him for his wealth. While he was getting abused for money, Ae saves him. Over time, Ae protects Pete from the world; he takes care of him, for Pete feels like a brother. But Pete falls deeper and deeper in love with the kind-hearted boy on the bike who once hit him, by chance.

This was actually a reader suggestion! It’s currently airing and is about 4 (maybe 5) episodes in. So far I’ve watched 2 episodes and can’t wait to get back to it.

‘Cause You’re My Boy (2018) Thai, Drama

This is Mekmork also known as Mork, a grade-11 mischievous boy who sells porn DVDs at his father’s barber shop. When his father leaves a handsome boy, Tee in the middle a haircut, Mork attempts his first haircut. Which ended in Tee having a terrible haircut and leaving extremely mad. Thus begun rounds of revenge between the two boys. One day, when Tee was with his girlfriend, Bambi; Mork hands gay pornDVDs to Tee. Leading Bambi and the rest of the boy’s school to believe that Tee is gay. Resulting in Bambi leaving Tee. Mork is than asked by Tee to “take responsibility” and tells him to be a make-believe boyfriend to make Bambi jealous and get back together with him. But during the course of their make-believe relationship, they start to develop feelings.


Pornographer (2018) Japanese Drama

Kuzumi Haruhiko is a university student. One day, he causes a bicycle accident. The accident causes novelist Kijima Rio to break his arm. Kuzumi Haruhiko doesn’t have insurance or money to pay Kijima Rio for his injury. Kijima Rio asks Kuzumi Haruhiko to transcribe a story he is writing. Kuzumi Haruhiko is surprised to learn the story is obscene.



99 Days (2008) Hong Kong Movie

This drama revolves around 6 guys:
Ben – 33 years old, still grieving over te death of his boyfriend Zac, he creates a blog called 99 Days
Mike – 28 years old, he lives with Ben…and is somewhat “free” he goes for fun more than love
Chris – 20 years old, he lives with his mother who had no idea he was gay…
Tom – 16 years old, he has been hiding his sexuality from his family and friends
Don – 16 years old, he has been bullied in school ever since he came out, he’s comfortable with his sexuality
Jerry – 16 years old, he is totally in love with Mike, and is very popular in the gay community.

This drama mostly speaks about HIV and the importance of being tested and having safe sex. It starts out with Ben and Mike passing out red ribbons, because of World Aids Day, and we are introduced to the characters. Mike meets Chris. Ben meets Tom and Don. Mike also wanders into Jerry. Tom and Don are discussing Don’s head injury…he was beaten up because he was gay. Mike’s tap is broken in his apartment, he calls for maintenance and who shows up? Chris! Something goes down…Mike does some flirting, some light molesting and despite being gay himself calls Mike a “stupid fag” and storms out. As the drama goes on we learn more about the connection between each of the guys.

First Love (2007) Japanese Movie

Tadashi is about to take his final school examinations. Unbeknown to anyone, he has fallen in love with his fellow-pupil, Kota, and doesn’t dare to tell anyone. One hot summer’s day, some of the other schoolboys taunt him, calling him a ponce. This destroys all hope he ever had of getting together with Kota.

Thoroughly depressed, Tadashi meets a gay couple on the train. Hiroki and Sinji are fascinating; their conversation is so stimulating that, before he realises what he is doing, he decides to follow them.

It is completely irrelevant how old you are and how often it happens to you, falling in love is always just like the first time. In HATSU-KOI, director Imaizumi Koichi tells a story about coming of age, coming out and a gay marriage that is sprinkled with both love and hard-core sex, at the centre of which is a teenager who doesn’t yet know what he wants. — Berlin Film Festival

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (2009) Taiwanese Movie

In a small secluded town by the sea, there lives two lonely youths filled with angst and uncertainty. To the 15-year-old Ah-Guei, her world has always been different from others. Her eyes tell her that there are no greens or reds in the world. The only person she looks up to is her cousin, Ah-Xian. Ah-Xian has a big world map and a whole bookshelf of traveling guides. He takes Ah-Guei on imaginary journeys out of their little town, into a world full of wonders. Yet, the 20-year-old Ah-Xian harbors a secret, as he has come to realize that the only objects of his desires have always been people of his own sex. Ah-Guei and Ah-Xian dream and plan that one day when they can fly away to a place where there will be no more loneliness or angst.

Love Actually… Sucks! (2011) Hong Kong Movie

Love Actually… Sucks! was inspired by real-life events, and opens with a dramatic wedding feast. It tells a variety of stories about love that has gone wrong: a brother and sister in an illicit relationship, a married painter who falls in love with his young male life model, a dance school teacher who is besotted with his senior student, and a lesbian couple, one of whom has role-play paranoia, and is caught in a complex love triangle. The film celebrates the belief that life is love.

The film’s title is a humorous wordplay on the romantic comedy film story Love Actually, as it deals with similar complicated and interconnected relationships. It was released at the 47th Chicago International Film Festival, in October 2011. It explores several themes traditionally regarded as ‘taboo’ in Hong Kong society, in an unusually open, convention-defying way, featuring frequent full-frontal male and female nudity.

Soundless Wind Chime (2009) Hong King Movie

Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to look for the lost soul and the past of his deceased Swiss lover, Pascal. Ricky struggles with the confusion of memories, reality and illusion.



Choose (2017) Thai Drama

Synopsis from KainGuru STORY: Ton and Tawan love each other deeply but their love is tested by Ton’s new secretary who seems to be the perfect match for him. Then Tawan starts acting distant and cold towards Ton, pushing him away.

Total run-time: 60 minutes over 5 episodes, or about 12 minutes each. Easy binge.

Much of this show is shot out-of-sequence and it’s all brought together in the final episode. Bring tissue because it’s so touching. It’s a happy ending but very tearful.

Approach to Love (2013) Chinese Movie

Gay coming of age film taking place in university.




Approach to Love 2 (2016) Chinese Movie

The film starts one year after the stories of ‘Approach to Love’ have unfolded. Main character Wu Shuang broke up with Chen Wei, with whom he was in a long-distance relationship. He suffers physically and mentally and engages in random sex in order to stop the pain. At a sex date, Wu met Wang Yunchao, who is a teacher at his university. Wang started to stalk him, up until Wu relented and fell for him too. Wu found the courage to forget the past, and opened himself up to a new relationship. However, at that moment, Wang left him.


Han Zi Gao – The Male Queen (2016) Chinese Movie

A BL story, Han Zi Gao turns into a concubine, but he has to become more to keep his place by his master.




You Are My Star Chinese Movie Short

A guy receives his fifth rejection notice and stuffs it into a metal box in the library only to return and find a letter from a secret admirer in the box. He continues to correspond with his secret admirer by leaving and retrieving letters from the box until one day he finds out who it is.



The Ambiguous Focus (2018) Chinese Drama

Adapted from the Chinese novel “Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhang”.

The film tells the story of how Zhang Nan and Zhang Zhe, a homosexual couple, recover from betrayal and breakup. Zhe struggles in a life alone after Nan’s leaving. With the help from his friends Chunzi and Chao, Zhe learns to be independent. Even when the truth comes out, both Nan and Zhe are too hurt to patch things up.

Nonetheless, they have to choose between getting back together or letting the other one go.

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