CHottie of the Week – Meteor Garden 2018

Posted by SaraG on August 12, 2018

Khottie of the Week

As Alix indicated as part of her ‘Ikonic’ Musical Monday post, she and I opted to change it up a little. So here I am, covering KHottie for the second time in my almost two years long career at Kchat. Of course we all know that I’m going to probably make it too wordy and I right off the bat I’m breaking the age rule and taking it out of Korea. But as Stephanie says, it’s a THEME post, so that makes the age thing null…and everyone takes it out of Korea every once in a while. I’m just conforming to the norm here.

Somehow, and I blame someone I follow in Instagram, I accidentally started watching Meteor Garden 2018 through Netflix recently, the most recent Chinese remake of the oft re-imagined Japanese Managa, Boys Over Flowers. I thought, hey man, I’m feeling lazy, I can bang out this show in a weekend, it’ll be great! It wasn’t until I reached episode 17 that I realized that they are adding new episodes each week…up to 48. Not at all what I had planned for.

Luckily, the female lead is doing a great job and the F4 is a sight to behold.

Shen Yue, our heroine, was born in February 1997. During her second year in journalism school, a friend posted a picture of her online and her future agent was intrigued.

You can see why.

She debuted in 2017 but already has more credits to her name than any of her cast mates in Meteor Garden 2018.

You can find her on Instagram at

And the gents supporting our leading lady?

Dylan Wang, born in December 1998 is an actor, model, and idol and the A lead in this most recent version of the tale.

His dream was to become a flight attendant and studied hard in university to achieve it. However, he was selected to serve as the spokesperson and face for his program…


And his sites shifted to modeling.

He won Super Idol, the joint venture between Korea and China similar to any number of idol survival shows, in 2017.

He has this super goofy expression that he uses over and over during the show, but I can’t find it anywhere captured in a picture…this will have to do…

But it quickly shifts to this when necessary…

You can find him on Instagram at

Darren Chen, born in January 1995 in Taiwan, made his debut in 2016 as an actor and has been in three television shows in two short years.

He’s our B in this particular Meteor Garden, the sensitive but surprisingly selfish one.

He does a decent job of seeming all warm and fuzzy toward her but then completely missing every que he’s provided on how to actually be warm and fuzzy.

You can find him on Instagram at

Connor Leong, the oldest in our bunch having been born in January 1994, studied software engineering before be became a model.

He has done a bunch of variety with Dylan Wang at his side, but doesn’t have many other credits to his name yet. Still finding his path.

Connor plays the flirty F4 with a killer memory….making his ability to memorize cards and win at games of chance spectacular.

He is also the ears in our group. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Ceasar Wu, our final F4 member, was born in October 1996

He is a model and actor but the only credit I can find is for Meteor Garden 2018.

Ceasar plays the final member of the bunch and, gasp, wears glasses. He’s the smart one that our heroine’s best friend crushes on. Duh.

You can find him on Instagram at


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