Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Pre-Game vs. Post-Game

Posted by SaraG on August 9, 2018


The song for this post, though absolutely fantastic, isn’t really the primary objective of my rambling, rather, it’s a nod to the little adventure many of the NerdHerd had over the course of the last couple of weeks in various cities across the country. The main thing I’d like to chat a bit about is the whole idea of pre-gaming a concert vs. post-gaming. What I mean by this is that some fans prep for a big show pretty big time, watching clips from other concerts on the tour, making playlists, boning up on the trivia and variety, and really getting to know the members to make, for them, a more rich experience. Other folks I know tend to shy away from content prior to the show, wanting to avoid burnout or overexposure before fully immersing themselves in the experience. Some like to consume all of the videos and footage they can after the show in order to relive the experience.

I’m certainly not saying that folks always fit nicely into one camp or the other, there is a spectrum of approaches. However, lots of peeps lay down some hard and fast rules in advance of a show and it’s really important to clearly articulate them with the folks your buying tickets with well in advance of the fervor. You really, really don’t want to be setting in for some good spoilers on YouTube only to find out that your viewing buddy is going to smack you across the head and throw the remote across the room at the mere hint of what the costumes are going to look like or whether or not someone is going to lose their shirt during the show. Don’t be ashamed to let people know your expectations in advance, it’s not shameful to let a concert buddy know what you need. If you’re old enough to go to a show, you should be mature enough to lay out your expectations…for both before and after.

Now me, I’m a bit of a mix of the two styles. I don’t mind a couple of spoilers and I certainly have nothing against watching videos and concert footage in a group setting. However, though I like having set lists on hand, I rarely listen to a group in the week or two before I see them perform. Chances are that if I’ve shelled out the money for a ticket, I know the group really, really well. I don’t need to familiarize myself and I don’t want to get myself all worked up with excitement too far in advance. I’ll get sick of them or my mood will change. Conversely, I’m also not much a post-game. I often won’t even put on a song by a group I’ve just seen for at least a week after the show. I think it’s about self-preservation. My heart is too full and I need some space.

I knew exactly what song I wanted to throw up here for Throwback (Musical) Thursday as soon as I put my mind to it. But honestly, after the show on Friday, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing through. But that’s just me. I’ll be back at it by next Wednesday, I’m sure.


Beautiful, Monsta X

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