Khottie of the Week: Moon Tae Il

Posted by Alix on July 29, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Most of the 2.5 years of my #klife are a delightful blur of dramas, one kpop music video after another and the infrequent exhilaration of live shows. There are moments that are clear breaks in the overall blur, memories that I’m not always sure how or why they stuck. One being SaraG making me watch NCT 127 Firetruck when it first came out and her love for the song and the group. Two years ago I believe I said “Interesting, can we go back to BigBang please.” Two years later I’ve jumped (about time according to SaraG) headfirst onto the NCT train (or firetruck).

Mark was my entry bias, mostly due to StarPop but in consuming as much NCT content as possible in the weeks since KCON NY I’ve discovered other biases including this week’s khottie.

Moon Tae Il, stage name Taeil, is the oldest of the group, having just become khottie legal in June. (It was like the universe knew…)

He’s a vocalist. 

Enjoys playing the guitar.

And has a smile that lights up his face. 

How can you not want to know more about him.

He is, as KpopontheDL perfectly called it, sneaky sexy. 

Coming out of nowhere…

And you’re left wondering what happened. 

It’s the best possible place to be though. 

I think we’ll just stay in this place for a bit.

And like most of the SM idols he can sing.

I love this photo of him and Johnny…think it all goes back to his smile. 

And that sneaky sexy. 

I could spend all day circling around…

I think I’ll continue to circle until next week and you can follow NCT on Instagram @nct or NCT 127 @nct127.

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