Posted by Stephanie on April 11, 2018


Or at least give her a nice backhug.

If you were here earlier today, or follow us on social media, you’ll know this day did not really go as we had anticipated. (Also, if you were here earlier today, saw what happened, and came back? You really are a fan and I love you, I love you, I love you, thanks so much for following us.) Long story short? WE WERE HACKED!

Yes, some jerks had their paws all over our lovely site. THOSE DIRTY ANIMALS! Have they no dignity? Do they not understand they must honor the sanctity that is kfandom???? Jerkwads.

I was walking back from Whole Foods on a break from work (it was an avocado emergency), minding my own business (I wasn’t actually minding my own business, I was focused on the pile of booze bottles and used hypodermic needles that seem to have taken up residence along the path. Dude. This is COLORADO. I didn’t have to deal with this stuff when I lived in what Regina so lovingly called “The Hood”) when I got an email saying a new user had been registered. As I am the maker of the new users (contributors), I knew something was going on. Running back to the office, I tried to log into the site, was taken to a malware page. I was able to access the backdoor of the site and deleted the user and frantically emailed, pinged, and called my master of tech support, Cherry Cordial. (You’d think I didn’t actually work for a software company, lesson learned, I need to make friends with our developers or the IT department.)

With both of us busy at work, and yet knowing time was of the essence, Cherry frantically researched what to do, while I either changed the passwords or deleted old users (Yes, if you got an email, that was me, hit me up, Boo, and I’ll get you back in.) There were some panic moments when we realized, due to the douchiness of the hosting company, we had turned off automatic updates and our last site backup was November. And this is coming from a site that had lost everything and had to restart from scratch. (Yeah, we have GOT to get on that new server thing.)

Now, while Cherry worked, getting us security backups, ran malware detectors, and managed to do a backup of our content, I was left to do little more than just sit there and watch the backdoor of the site, sure that any moment, if I blinked, or if I refreshed, all of our work would be gone. Again. This is a familiar feeling for me due to the fact that this was exactly what happened when Crazy for Kdrama was shut down. I knew as soon as I left that page, all of that information would be wiped from the internet forever. Total flashbacks. There may have been tears. Some. Just a few….okay, maybe Brent in procurement sent me baby animal pics to cheer me up. (Or to pay attention and actually do what he needed me to do, but potato, potahto.)

Finally, Cherry was able to find the malware that had maliciously attacked our home, sequestered it, and found a way to separate the site from its evil grasp. (I’m sure she could give you a more accurate description as to what she was doing, but I think I like my version better.)  Fingers crossed, she restored the WP version of the site and breathe we were back!!!!

Guys. Seriously. Guys. I can’t tell you the thoughts that were going through my head (one MIGHT say I have an overactive imagination matched with a high functioning anxiety disorder, but if one did one might be an asshole.) I thought for sure we were sunk. I thought for sure it was the end of us. I thought for sure I was not going to have it in me to pick myself back up to start again.

But luckily? Thanks to amazing friends like Cherry Cordial who can do what I can’t (You know, tech shit) we don’t have to. We’re back to business as usual. We’re back to continue to push forward. And I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to see us.

We’re not completely out of the woods yet. We now have a security system that emails me every other second, giving me heart attacks, and we need to give it a few days to make sure that all the evilness has been purged. So if you see something weird, let us know. See something say something. Also, I’m sure, as you guys are all quite internet savvy, if something gives you a big flashing error message saying your computer is in danger and to click here to report it: DO NOT DO IT! BACK AWAY, IT’S A TRAP!

If anyone wishes to find me, I’ll be hiding under my bed, hiding from the hackers. Youl should come on by. We have snacks.


  • Reply SpiceAngel April 12, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Cherry is the Bomb – if your happy and you know it, clap your hands yo!

    Glad everything was able to be sorted out!

  • Reply amberkmuse April 12, 2018 at 12:39 am

    So glad that you guys were able to get it all back. Was very stressed for your situation. Congrats!

  • Reply Lori Morgan April 12, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Whew! Close call. Without my Kchatjjae, my life would be in ruins. Thanks and much love to Cherry!

  • Reply humbledaisy1 April 12, 2018 at 11:47 am

    I knew I was using my Noonas Unite mug today for a reason. My security updates keep telling me about the crap that comes through Flash Player – ugh. Will raise a soju for you!

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