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Posted by Stephanie on January 10, 2018


Hold onto your knickers ladies, MBC announced that they are putting a hold on their nighttime dramas! And not for a week or two either, we’re talking for a full month and a half — which tell me if I’m wrong — is like the run time of a whole drama? 

Will this effect any of your currently airing shows? Well, the hiatus will take effect at the end of the month once I Am Not A Robot and Two Cops end, and will still air weekend dramas Money Table and Man Who Sets The Table, but beyond that I’m not making any promises (mainly because I don’t know what other dramas they have out there).

So what will they be airing instead? Well, until the middle of March they will be giving the drama time slots to Olympic coverage. A month and a half of Olympic coverage. You know, it’s been a while since I’ve had cable and actually watched the Olympic games, so I could be wrong here, but aren’t the games only like a week? Maybe two? How exactly are they going to fill the other FOUR weeks? I can see doing a segment or two within the news, you know, human interest stories ect in the lead up, maybe some post game break downs after, but for multiple hours multiple days a week? Ummm…. sure, that makes total sense.

However, this is MBC, maybe after last years strike, they’re just used to not having new programing…

If you hear the entirety of the statement, it just gets weirder. This is what I found on MyDramaList:

Instead of rushing to meet our schedule by hurriedly introducing our dramas, we preferred to make our preparations slowly and present our works when they are polished and fully complete. As a result, we had no  choice but to push back the programming for our new dramas.

We have decided to resume airing our weekday miniseries on March 12. The strike lasted for about two months, which is how  long it takes to air one miniseries. We need approximately that amount  of time to produce a new drama, and we tried to shorten that  [preparation] time as much as possible. The drama division was not able to conduct business as usual during the  strike. A drama is not something that can be created quickly,  which is why, after a lot of deliberation, we came to this decision. Instead of hastily rushing to air a new drama, we want to do a good job  and present a drama that is well-made. However, it’s not easy to produce  a drama in-house right away, and we didn’t want to purchase and air a  drama produced by an outside company. Therefore, we had no choice but to  go on hiatus. First of all, I am most sorry to the viewers, and I am also sorry to the  drama producer who will be first up at bat after the hiatus. Dramas  need to be aired continuously [in order to maintain viewership ratings]. So if a problem arises and there is an extended break, the situation  becomes extremely disadvantageous for the next drama in terms of  competing with [other dramas in its time-slot].

Is anyone else even more confused? I almost hate to bring this up now as I’m sure this make sense to someone and I’m just the dumb-dumb sitting here reading over and over again trying for it to make sense? Are they saying that the reason they are having issues with dramas right now because the strike put them behind? Don’t the main networks live shoot? When did the strike end? And, if there are dramas going on right now, and you’re going to hold off cutting your schedule until after they are done, then wouldn’t the next dramas at bat already be in preproduction? Meaning that they would actually have had the usual amount of time to prep? Or are they saying the quality of the currently running dramas are not great because they didn’t have the proper time to get going?

Yeah. I’m confused.

I can see why you would want to time it so that you don’t have to stop a drama halfway through in order to show the games, you’re right, you’d lose momentum then. People will move onto the other networks, the other dramas and would lose interest, but it’s not like the Olympics were a surprise, everyone knew they were coming– for years now. I’m sure MBC is paying out the wazoo to have the rights to air the games, so wouldn’t they have a plan for this?

Unless they did have a plan, the strike messed with the timing of their plan, and this is all they could come up with to clean it up.

Actually. That makes sense. See? Sometimes you just need to talk things out to make sense–of course it would help if their statement weren’t ghostwritten by some drama queen.

Even if this is their plan, I do think it really sucks for the network to only have “Olympics” planned for those time slots. I mean, we love the games, but all games all the times gets old fast. Don’t you have some back burner stuff you can greenlight? Some “Encore Airings” of something? Specials? Talk to some idols, put on a show. (And I’m absolutely not talking about one of those shows like The Unit, I’m thinking ‘Come on guys, grab your music we’re gonna put on a show in the barn!’ Did that make sense? I know the reference is off, but the heart was behind it.)

So, MBC, I guess we’ll catch you in a couple of months! Happy Olympics.

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  • Reply amberkmuse January 11, 2018 at 12:07 am

    I also think it might be to get good PR. With TvN having all the controversy with Hwayugi it makes it look like they are being the more responsible company and putting in time for their dramas. It was very suspicious that this broke within a day of TvN coming under scrutiny and there being talks of them having to halt production. If they were already going to pause for the Olympics then it makes sense to look good at the same time for something you were already going to do. I am also sure the strike had something to do with it.

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