You Had Me At Naked

Posted by Stephanie on January 9, 2018


I can tell you right now, the hunt for a new drama has ended! I was researching some new stuff and came across what can only be preconsidered a gem… The Naked Firefighter.

How did I not know about this drama? A man (the fire fighter in question) wants to help pay for his friends medical expenses by taking a part time job as a nude model for an art class? Come on, who wouldn’t be in? (I’m guessing only those of you out there who also hadn’t heard about this.)

The drama in question is a mini-drama, only 4 episodes long (so super biteable) and stars Lee Joon Hyuk as the naked fire fighter himself. Now, I’ve been a fan (or had starry eyes for) of Lee Joon Hyuk since watching a drama from way, way back called I Am Legend. Did you see that one? In it he played the former star and all around yummy almost hero? Totally swoonable. And that’s when he was fully clothed.

Of course, it is Kdrama, so the whole thing isn’t about him artfully stripping, no, it feels the need to fill the other parts of the episode with some plot about a 10 year old unsolved murder/arson case that, of course, our hero gets tangled up in.

It’s a good thing they talked about the arty stuff first or else I would be out.

I’m not seeing how the two parts really go together one being so warmhearted/funny and the rest of it dark and… you know, the usual get pinned for a crime you didn’t commit then trying to prove your innocence drama. Which is the issue with a lot of these mini dramas, putting so much into such a short time frame that they tend to be a little frenetic.

Anywho, but it’s still only 4 episodes, an easy watch, and appears to be all subbed on on Viki, so I’m going to check it out.

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