Musical Monday – Fresh Starts

Posted by SaraG on January 8, 2018


New year, new opportunities. Obviously, people take January first, or really, January second or the first Monday of the year, to make and try to stick to all sorts of resolutions. But really being successful at a resolution means doing the prep work to be able to incorporate the change into your life in a more meaningful way. Or if your resolution is more like a one-off trip or experience, you have to spend the time-saving money or planning and preparing. You can’t just jump into these things.

Idols that have been gone a long time and then come back seem to have an especially difficult time. They have to adapt to the ever-changing music scene and make themselves relevant to audiences that have likely moved on and found shiny new things to distract them. Roh Ji Hoon (also romanized as Noh Ji Hoon) was signed as a solo artist on Cube Entertainment after appearing on the survival show Birth of a Great Star. He debuted formally in 2012 and had a couple of comebacks with Cube with the most recent being in 2015. There is chatter all over the internet about how he was mistreated, kept in the basement, paid dust, and largely never afforded the support he deserved in order to become successful. He left Cube in 2017 and has signed with a new label.

Like making a resolution, a comeback requires what I can imagine in an unfathomable amount of work with only the hope of success. After a multiple year hiatus and change in representation, Roh Ji Hoon has started the new year with a new single, a new MV, and the opportunity to hopefully fulfill the promise of success in the music industry that his talent deserves. I really don’t know much about this idol as not being allowed to put out music also means not being talked about in the media. And let’s face it, despite how much I think I know about my favorite idols, I really only know what the media tells me. The aptly named No Worries is a beautiful song with a unique music video. It will never be my favorite song (a style thing, not a judgement about the music), but it’s good and I’ll be listening to it in the weeks to come on a playlist or two. 

Here’s to hoping that all of these 2018 comebacks are even better than what we anticipate!

Roh Ji Joon, No Worries

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