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Posted by Stephanie on January 1, 2018


First time writing (or typing) 2018, woohoo! Time has certainly flown by. I can say that it was a tripy, tripy year. One of those years where you take a step back and go, ‘how did all this happen?’. There was no way I could possibly have guessed that I would have ended up where I ended up at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year. (In the best way possible of course.)

So, knowing what I do know (that you can’t know everything) let’s turn our thoughts to things that we hope to accomplish this year. Or, in regular terms resolutions. (Feel free to groan.)  These resolutions are both for me and for the site….

  1. I’m hoping to watch more dramas this year. With my last year in NY, I fell out of the habit of watching dramas, and it’s something that I struggle with. Dramas be it Korean, Thai, Chinese, gay or straight, make me happy. It’s something I need to make more time for. Because happy is happy even if it is sitting on my butt in front of the tv.
  2. Finish Infectious, the BTS zombie fanfic I’m writing with SaraG. Because writing fanfic makes me happy. And happy is happy even if it is writing gay fanfiction.
  3. Change website hosts. This is something Cherry and I have been meaning to do for a while as the host we have, DreamHost has been pretty terrible, KChat crashing all of the time, with their customer service during the process being, in my opinion, pretty terrible. Again and again, I’d chat with them when the site was down and they’d blame it on the site, and expressly said it wasn’t because of our traffic. Then we start getting automate emails about how we were indeed bumping the ceiling of usage, being slowed down or shut down when our traffic got too heavy. We got these emails when they were trying to get us to upgrade, not when we were having issues. Whatever if we need to upgrade, that’s fine, just be honest about it when I have an issue. We haven’t been turned off in a while, but at this point we don’t care, the whole thing has left a bad taste in our mouths. So. We’re going to finally change. /rant
  4. Start introducing reviews back to the site. I used to write reviews every week. It was kind of what we were known for, but that has fallen by the wayside. I want to get back to it. Maybe I won’t be able to do that many, but a few is better than none, right?
  5. Try to trick a few more people into contributing to the Kchat. I’m lucky enough to have a great group of ladies here who not only want to spend their hard earned spare time writing for Kchat, but also fit in with our tone and voice — I’d love to branch out a little more be it reviews or beauty or…well, who knows.
  6. Buy that new computer! You’ve noticed the site hasn’t changed in a while, some might say we look a little stale. There’s a reason for that… I’ve had not one but two computers die on me the last few months. Right now, I’m doing everything on my work laptop or my tablet. Which is limiting. Luckily, I now have the money to purchase a new one and even have a Cherry approved option. It’s just a matter of making that purchase now. Looking so forward to it, even if I’ve procrastinated it so far.
  7. Save for Korea! SaraG, Alix, KpopontheDL and I are planning a big South Korea trip for spring 2019 for our *ahem* fortyith *ahem* birthdays…which means mama has to start saving now!
  8. Go to KCon NY! This year I had to miss NY as it was mid-Denver move. This year I want to not only go to KCon NY but I want to be able to bring along with me Junior McFeeley. This eleven year old now diehard Kpop fan would…well I pretty sure she’d die if I were able to take her not only to a Kpop concert, but to 2 concerts that have so many Kpop groups? Yep, she’d die. But she’d die a happy little girl.
  9. Learn all of the members of Seventeen and Pentagon. You know, because I love them. I love them and therefor should know more about them, because there is more to life than BTS…. and I need to remind myself of that.
  10. To be more open about new music in general. It’s kind of a not so inside joke about how set in my ways and particular I am…people essentially having to trick me into liking new things, and I’m going to try and change that. I’m not saying I’m going to promise to love everything, but I’ll try to open for listening.

I’m sure there are others that I should focus on, but ten is a nice number. Ten seems doable. So let’s do this!

Thanks for staying with me, with us, for another year. Thanks for reading, for commenting, for being there even when I couldn’t be. Thanks to the ladies of Kchat, those ladies who kept this site alive. Thanks to Cherry Cordial, our tech guru. Thanks to the ladies of Denver who changed my life and have been most welcome and supportive. Thanks to the Kpop Nerd Herd for making me laugh so hard. Thanks to Hoseok for being Hoseok. Thanks to dramas for being awesome. Thanks to Kpop for being so catchy. Thanks to South Korea for putting out all of this amazing content.

And here’s to 2018!!!

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  • Reply V January 2, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    I love reading all these resolution posts! I feel like I need to add to the one I wrote, I am getting so many inspiring ideas. I hope you get that new computer!

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