Hwayugi’s Rocky Start

Posted by Stephanie on December 26, 2017


Yeesh, this show just can’t catch a break. After all the bumps and bruises during the casting process, you’d think from then on out it would be smooth sailing… if you were one of those people who thought that, who thought their troubles would be over? You would be very wrong. Who knew casting was only the start to their problems? 

Turns out, right out of the box, or right next to the box as episode one not only came off without a hitch (would that be without a hitch or just what’s kind of expected. You know, because putting on tv shows is kinda what these networks do. You know the whole “You have one job to do, one” sort of deal.) but also came out with some pretty decent ratings for tvN.

It’s episode two where things suddenly take a turn for the bad. The very, very bad. And as more news comes out, it just seems to get worse.

Apparently, the airing of the drama had issues with extra long commercial breaks, repeating several commercials and then finally, just putting up a notice from tvN saying: “The broadcast is being delayed due to internal issues within the broadcasting company. We ask for your understanding as the broadcast will continue shortly.”


Then, about halfway through the episode shut down altogether a little more than halfway through, this time with a notice that said: “We will be ending this broadcast due to internal issues.”

Well this is not good.

On top of that, several of the special effects were not completed, showing either green screens, cables or wires.

The whole thing makes you go, what the fudge is going on over there? How is it just episode two and they are already not only at live shoots, but not able to keep up at that? Why is a show of this scale not being preproduced? I could understand if it were a one of the main networks as they have been the ones most resistant to preproduction, but this it tvN! Cable shows are the ones who are all on board getting this stuff done before air time! And, if they decided to go with the usual system of live shoots, usually they start off with about 4 episodes in the bag before air time. So while the live shoot system will eventually eat up the advance time, at least it won’t happen until later on in the series. For a show to have this many issues not even one week in, it can’t be good news.

The network made the decision to fix the episode and air it the next day (with many public apologies) so that viewers could experience the show as it was meant to be seen. (Or with less hair pulling on the viewers part.) Not only did they make this decision but they also decided to push off broadcasting episodes 3&4 for a week in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Not good guys, not good — and unfortunately, it goes downhill from there.

This was all the news that first came out, then while everyone was processing this, information was put out there that there was a serious injury onset, a crew member fell about 9 feet and broke his back and hip, reports now saying that he’s paralyzed.

Holy fudge.

The accident happened at 2am while the crew was getting ready for the next day’s shoots. If we know anything about the live shoot system, it’s not only brutal on the cast, but is most especially hard on the crew– long hours with few breaks.

Was this accident what caused the delay? What put them behind? I’d say they’d probably like to point at something, but if all this is happening with only one episode completed? There were troubles on the set way before this occurred and it’s too bad that a crew member is paying the price for it.

I usually like to look at cable networks as they seem to do things better. That they seem to be a step above the regular networks in not only quality of dramas, but on how the behind the scenes goes. It’s disappointing to see something like this going on with a cable network on such an upwards high like tvN is experiencing. Part of me though can’t make myself blame tvN as this show seems a little bit cursed from the get-go.

Throughout the process, I’ve said I’ll be interested to see how this show goes, but I never expected anything like this and I wonder if they’re going to be able to make a comeback.

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