What’s Happening With…Philip Lee

Posted by Stephanie on November 14, 2017


Remember him? He the super hot b-lead who spoke perfect English in Secret Garden? He disappeared halfway through Faith, even though originally he was cast as a fairly substantial character? Then he was seemingly never heard from again? That guy? Well, reader CJ wanted to know…what’s happening with Phillip Lee!

Now this one, I think I know, or I think I heard a rumor of what actually happened, so I’ll be interested to see if I’m correct. Let’s hit the Wikipedia mobile! 

Actually, before we climb on into the WM, I can for sure tell you I know why he left Faith. (CJ knew this one too, do you?) During the filming he received a pretty serious eye injury and had to be written out so he could properly heal. Poor Philip Lee.

Something you might not know is the fact that Phillip Lee is Korean-American and was born in Virginia! His family owns a big company here in the states that deals with government contracts. Think big-big. So, because I’m a product of Kdrama, I’m gonna go with his wanting to be an actor went down really well. (Oh, how we have been tainted by the big bad kdrama mamas!)

He was actually nominated for a Best New Actor award for MBC, which really makes you realized how rigged these things are. Don’t get me wrong. He’s super hot. He had long hair, and a cute smile, he can act better than some idols, but any sort of best actor? Hmmm….

Mr Lee did a few dramas here and there, but then Faith happened, but Faith? That was five years ago. Five years in drama time, especially for someone who didn’t have to go to the military? And not a peep from them? That says to me a conscious decision not to act anymore. And considering just how smart he was with a masters in engineering from BU and the ability to speak three languages? I’m guessing he’s just moved on. Or moved back home. And by back home, I mean to the arms of his family’s company. As, despite as widespread and unforgetting the internet is? The last anyone has anything to say about Phillip Lee was the eye injury. Isn’t that weird? Yes. It’s weird. Agreed.

Wherever he is, I hope he’s doing well, happy, and still has that main of glory, because that was a beautiful, beautiful thing.



  • Reply Rebekah Roberts November 14, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Wow… His life sounds like a drama. Perhaps, he fell in love with someone in Korea, but was forced to go home to America and lead the company… And she is waiting for him. She hasn’t heard anything from him in all these years, but one day he will show back up, and ask her to marry him… Out of freaking no where. 😉

    • Reply Liz C November 14, 2017 at 9:22 pm

      I like Rebekah’s thinking…

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