Musical Monday – Anyone For Some Angst?

Posted by SaraG on August 28, 2017


What with all of the trappings of living life on this planet, I have been super busy lately. But this weekend, this glorious, three day weekend – I have the luxury of a flex schedule – I actually set aside time to sit around and watch music videos, catch a couple of episodes of a drama, and write. When I say writing, I mean both prepping for blog posts and working on a few fan fics I have brewing. Now I don’t know about you, but I have to have the right music playing in the background to make sure that I stay consistent with the feel of a story. Music sets the mood just as much with writing as it does with film…it’s just more of a personal process to find the right songs.

Two of the three stories I’m currently working on include a measure of angst and of those, the one I’m co-writing with Stephanie is set in an apocalyptic world…as you can imagine, there are all sorts of feelings going on. All of this means that the music I’ve been listening too is suuuuuper heartbreaky, with sweeping sentiment, moody lyrics, lots of voice cracks, and strings. It’s delicious. Seriously, you can’t listen to this stuff and not picture yourself in a tastefully ripped, oversized sweater walking through a desolate landscape looking for the lover you lost during the zombie attack, or plague, or war, or whatever.

ISU or Lee Su is a member of the band MC the Max and solo singer-songwriter. He has quite the sordid past with some criminal activity of which he was admittedly, if somewhat unknowingly (if you believe him) guilty. He stayed out of the limelight for a number of years, married the Korean singer Lyn, and did whatever it is Korean celebrities do when they are reflecting on their misdeeds until he was invited back to sit as a regular on a variety show. Once the floodgates were opened, ISU jumped in, taking part in several OSTs, including Descendents of the Sun, and putting out a solo album.

The song Sequence is on that solo album. It isn’t brand new, it’s in fact, several months old and I’ve listened to it here and there on one of my playlists since its release. But I hadn’t watched the video until this weekend. Man, the song is perfect for writing angst and whoever directed the music video agreed. It has ALL of the tropes. It covers ALL of the post apocalyptic ground. It gets you right in the mood for writing about waiting for the other shoe to drop.



ISU, Sequence

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