Musical Monday: When the Cat’s Away…

Posted by KpopontheDL on July 3, 2017


Hey everyone!  KpopontheDL here!  While SaraG is off on vacation, I offered to cover her Musical Monday!  I’m sort of famous around here for my love of nugus (newbie groups) and this is a perfect opportunity for me to introduce you to a group we’ve all been watching with interest.

Seven O’Clock debuted on March 16, 2017 with their song “Echo”.  Normally, I don’t remember these things, but the day the song came out was the day we drove from North Carolina to Toronto, Canada for the SHINee concert.  Emma and I had gone to pick up Corinne, who didn’t know I was coming to the concert.  I had changed my mind at the last minute and we decided to surprise her. So, I’m hiding in the back on Emma’s car watching MVs on my phone while we wait for Corinne, and this is the music video I clicked on. I was so excited about it I almost gave myself away – there was some kicking and arm flailing involved and maybe a squeak or two.  Anyway,  Corinne was very surprised when I popped out of the back seat – she just stood there with her mouth hanging open for a few seconds. It was really satisfying.  And once we got her settled into the passenger seat I shoved my phone at her and said, “You have to watch this!  I think I’m in love!”

Where to start?  The group is managed under Staro Entertainment, and is the agency’s first boy group. There are six members (not seven!): A-day, Vaan, Hyun, YoungHoon, JungGyu, and TaeYoung.  First, the song has a fantastic sound.  It’s Tropical House (which I am never tired of) with an edge, and it goes somewhere.  There are interesting changes in tempo and cool varied bridges.  The voices are a great mix as well – with the sweet lead singer, YoungHoon, quickly followed by the deep rough voiced rapper, Vaan.  Everybody in the group pulls their vocal weight.  The video is well-done and you can tell they spent some money on it.  My one complaint is that they don’t show the dancing very well. Most of it was filmed from the waist up and they cut away quickly. That made me suspicious.

However, as you can see here, they’re not bad!  Nothing earth-shattering, but they don’t embarrass themselves and I actually watched several versions without getting bored.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else they do! So, please give them your love.

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