Musical Monday – She’s a Baby? And You Still Want to Date Her?

Posted by SaraG on April 17, 2017


Zico | moonROK

I will freely admit that I am not a young man in my early to mid-twenties. I have never been and will never be that guy. I don’t get the burgeoning need to be all manly and dominant. I don’t really understand the desire for a girlfriend who is really immature, a danger to herself, needs to be constantly protected, and can’t be left alone. It seems to be a cross-cultural phenomenon though, I’ve seen it all over the place in both fiction and reality. How many of us confident, capable, smart ladies out there have felt a bit left in the dating dust by some cute little thing that can’t be trusted to use a can opener? But man, songs written by those guys about those girls can be super charming.

Zico, of Block B fame, has proven himself a lovely addition to a Kpop boy group, a captivating solo and featured rapper, an entrancing lyricist, and an accomplished producer/arranger/all of those other things that go into making your own songs. But, he is somewhat problematic as far as idols or biases go with his crossing the lines of cultural appropriation, sometimes rude behavior, and oft mistreatment of his darling older brother (I may be biased on some weird level here). I mean, I like someone that challenges the system and stays true to themselves, but I don’t like a jerk…and Zico sometimes comes off like a grade A jerk. But I somehow manage to overlook his persona every time a new song is released and fall just a little more in love with this talented man/child…or at least his music.

His latest release is very different from much of what he has put out previously. It has a very light, European feel…dare I say, French? He sings in a kind of breathy almost staccato rhythm for much of it and does a lot of sighing. He does, of course, slip into a rap, but it’s brief and over the sound of someone fingerpicking a guitar, so it works. The little bit, part way through, when he smiles and chuckles at his own silliness in this situation, is adorable. The colors and clothes in the video are gorgeous and his hair is a stunning shade of blue. The female lead is beautiful…really, really beautiful. And of course, we find out at the very end, that Zico is singing all this to himself because he is jealous of her boyfriend…because of course this baby is already taken by some, presumably, another early twenties guy that feels a need to protect her from herself.

Zico, She’s a Baby

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