Musical Monday – It Certainly Feels Like Spring (it’s unseasonably warm in Denver)

Posted by SaraG on February 13, 2017


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I am going to be completely transparent here, I am a really big BTS fan. I’m inclined to like everything they release…even if that means listening to it multiple times until it’s ingrained on my soul, so I have no other option but to like it…because it’s now a part of me. I’m not sure why. They are adorable, but all Kpop groups are adorable. They are extremely talented, but again, they really all are. Maybe it’s because I took the time to learn them, their personalities, their individual images, their relationships with each other. But I wouldn’t have taken the time if I wasn’t already ¾ of the way to loving them. Maybe it’s just chemistry. Maybe it was Cypher #3. They do something to me.

After some deliberation, I have decided to mostly talk about the single and MV in this post, but I will mention my impressions of the other three new songs also released on the repackaged album…because this is my chance.

Let’s just get it out of the way that Spring Day is definitely a continuation of the HwaYangYeonHwa series. I know that Young Forever was touted as the final video, but I call BS. this is clearly a follow-up. It’s like a sad movie that ended with a somewhat hopeful epilogue after the credits. This is the hopeful epilogue. I could be crazy, but I don’t think so (do the crazy every think that they are the crazy one?). The video portrays a group of seven friends that have been separated because of time, life, experiences, and so on. They are searching for each other, trying to reconnect. They have such vivid and strong memories of the good times and are suffering from their lost relationship. BUT, they aren’t really alone…they are still together as long as they remember to reach out. I know they are selling it as a message to today’s lost and lonely youth, but as someone lacking complex emotion, I mostly feel sad with just the tiniest smidgen of hopefulness at the very end. Except for Suga’s rap…those lyrics just through me. He was on and on about letting someone go so as not to blame them for whatever went down. That just seems to take it right back to sad. But he does a darn good job at laying it out there, so I forgive him (without letting him go).

There are allusions to The Korean American movie Snowpiercer (great film, totally dystopian, and with a vaguely hopeful ending) and not so subtly, Omelas, a short story that appears, at first, completely utopian but it turns out to be not the case. Both of these added to the literal mountain of laundry that someone needs to fold (I think this is depicting the changing of the seasons, marking the time they are apart, but I could be missing something) make me think long and hard about how I’ve lost good people from my life because of time and distance, which is, I am sure, the point.

I like this song, and I think after a few more listens, I will really like it. It is vocal line heavy even though Rap Monster kicks if off and wrote most of the main bits. I feel like he has been pushing his vocal comfort zone recently and moving into a slower rap/singing style. As long as he doesn’t give up on his driving style entirely, I approve of the growth and maturation of sound. The song does get a bit repetitive. I get it, you miss me. I’ll be seeing you in March, you can be a smidge more patient. 

Jin is super pretty in this video. Really. Some people hate the bowl cut. I think he pulls it off spectacularly.

Now for the other three.


  • Not Today is going to have killer dance video. I can feel it. It’s gonna take a killer dance video to make me love it. It’s upbeat and fun, but not the best upbeat and fun they’ve done. It’s definitely growing on me. I’m sure in a month’s time I’ll be kicking myself for admitting that it wasn’t love at first listen.
  • Outro: Wings ties the songs to the rest of the album. It’s almost like they had it already prepared but forgot to release it with the “Wings” album. I liked it on first listen. It just fits. There’s a lot more of the rap line.
  • A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone is and was immediately my favorite of the four. The rap line is heavily represented and there is a strong J-Hope feel to it that is a major plus for me. That voice. It sounds like it could have been on one of the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” albums. It also feels like it could be part of the HwaYangYeonHwa series and I can picture a video with wicked cool filter and awesome dance breakdown. I love this one. A. Lot. I hope they perform it in on tour.

BTS, Spring Day


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