Topsu Dirge: KCrafts Plushy T.O.P

Posted by Stephanie on February 7, 2017


Since Junsu got a solo post, it only seems fair that T.O.P gets one too…

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, ever since I actually gave Regina her Christmas present. It all started back at KCON, when I met up with the crafty Zombiemama. She was rocking these little bits of awesome that she made herself and made me go–I wanz! 

And she said, sure just tell me what you want and I’ll make it.

Then months passed.  Christmas came. And after I knew my friend Regina had something shipped to me from Japan, I knew I had to step up my game. Zombiemama and her craftiness came to mind. Sure, she said, not only can I make you the kpop star key chain or plushy of your choice, I will also haul ass during the already packed holiday season to make sure you have it before Christmas.

That Zombiemama, isn’t she a peach.

The hard part (for me) was choosing a photo, a concept for her. Which T.O.P would Regina prefer? And which version of T.O.P would be instantly recognizable in plushy form? Ice cream hair it is! So, I officially put in my request.

Zombie Mama said “On it!” and we were off.

From then I get periodic updates on the status of my…ahem…Regina’s T.O.P until I got this.

Gahhh!  So good. I love the red detail in the jacket!

You found a skull? Squeeeee!

She let me make choices–which hair would be more ice cream like.

Until we were done.

How. Fucking. Cute?

I was thrilled. Zombiemama was thrilled. And best of all? Regina was thrilled. Best present ever I’d have to say.

Here, you can check out some of Zombiemama’s other kpop keychain creations!

Like Zombiemama? Want to hear more from her? Want to harass her for your own Kpop keychain or plushy? You can visit her Zombiemama site here!

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