The TOPSU Dirge: Real Life Cross-Overs

Posted by Stephanie on February 5, 2017


Do you know that there are BigBang/JYJ cross-overs? It shouldn’t be surprising. It’s not like the K-idol world is that big. I’m guessing these guys all run into each other during various shows, awards, ect. Unfortunately, this might be a little harder for BigBang and JYJ due to the JYJ ban, but there has to be ways that they’ve crossed paths. Let’s take a look…

How about a piano battle between Taeyang and Junsu?

You know Jaejoong and T.O.P used to be drinking buddies?

How about a joint photoshoot between BigBang and DBSK?

And–Turns out they were both in an advert for Lotte World.

See? Them becoming friends while in the military is not that far fetched an idea!

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