Missing 9: A Study In Beige

Posted by Stephanie on December 6, 2016



At long last the casting-go-round has ended, the producers have settled in on a concept, and the usual (positive) promotions have begun. This time in the terms of character photos. To which I say…how beige.

Do you think they put the cast in soothing coordinating colors in order to show a united front? To subliminally say, we know it was a rough road getting here, but we have our acts together now and are ready tell you a story that in no way reflects the turmoil we’ve gone through?

Or maybe I’ve spent too much time thinking about this.

While I was more interested in the other incarnations of the show, the great casting of Gaia, the possible soapy fun of the idolapalooza of Picnic however, being witness to the backstage mess, I feel like I need to at least check in on this. Plus, you know, my Chanyeol addiction  is  real thing that grows inside me. So, I figure I’ll do the same thing I did with Cinderella and Her Four Knights and will watch for a few episodes before wandering off.

Because even my love of the adorable that is Chanyeol can not get me to stick with a meh drama.Not to mention the fact that we all saw his acting abilities in Exo Next Door. Good actor he is not. Passible actor might even be a stretch. Although, it looks like he’s going to be playing a character who is a little closer to his actual self, so perhaps we’ll get hours and hours of Chanyeol being Chanyeol–because that’s a role we know he can play.

We still have some time to decide though. Missing 9 doesn’t come out until January after that Weightlifting Fairy show ends so we’ve got, I’m sure, more photos and at least 3 teasers to either hook us in, or finally be that push to get I (us) running for the hills.

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