Musical Monday. Park You? Well, Park You Too!

Posted by Stephanie on September 26, 2016


park-youFor this Musical Monday. this may be one of the oddest groups I’ve ever witnessed. And as I am a Kpop fan, that is saying a lot. However, for some reason they made me smile on a Sunday night with another Monday morning looming over me, so they score a musical Monday Status!

I don’t know anything about these guys. One would think they’d be a one-off novelty act, but I actually sat through like 4 of their videos and for me who never usually makes it past the first thirty seconds, that has got to be saying something. I’m not even sure how to describe them, or describe their music, I’m not even sure if I’d recommend it to everyone. I could wake up tomorrow morning, horrified I suggested them—but too late now isn’t it?

Hyungdon & Daejoon, Park You

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  • Reply Spiceangel September 26, 2016 at 10:03 am

    This choice is very intrigueing, Stephanie…

    I am very glad you have found them.

    This duo is made up of Yoo Dae-joon (Defconn) and Jeong Hyeong-don . I first found them on Weekly Idol. They were the original host before Jeong Hyeong-don took a break from the spotlight last year to focus on his mental health. He is slowly re- entering.

    Jeong Hyeong-don (Doni) Is a comendian who was a longtime memeber of the cast of Infinite Challenge. Here is a video collaboration he did with G Dragon.

    I recommend going to YouTube and searching ‘G Dragon and Doni’ and you will be quite entertained. GD and Doni also won Couple of the year at the 2014 MBC awards.

    Yoo Dae-joon or Defconn or Coni is a rapper. He is also a regular cast member of 1 night 2 days.

    This is my favorite Hyeong-don and Dae-joon song. It is called the gloomy song but is call it ‘ani ani ani ani’.

    The two also did a show called Hitmaker. Where they put together Jackson, Hyuk (vixx), N(vixx) and Songjae(Btob).

    And made this gem

    Please don’t regret this sharing. It gave me an opportunity to share some of my favorite things with you all.

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