Favorite Things: The Cheating On Kdrama Edition!

Posted by Stephanie on September 4, 2016


love o2o

I know this shouldn’t be such a big, jaw-dropping announcement. I love kdrama. My life essentially revolves around kdrama (DO NOT JUDGE ME). But the amount of time I actually spend consuming it? Is so low I’m embarrassed to tell you. And this post? Isn’t about me getting any better about that. I’m here to tell you, I’m cheating on Kdrama. Yes. I’m having a voracious affair with a little drama called Love O2O.

And I’m loving every little moment of this fluffy, fluffy drama. Enough so that I’m going to come right out and say it’s my new favorite thing! (Just don’t tell Kdrama.) 

If you haven’t heard about this drama, well, it’s probably because you are better focused than I. Do you remember the fluffy cracktastic show Shan Shan Comes To Eat? (Or otherwise titled Boss and Me.) Well, this drama is based off a web book  called One Smile Is Very Alluring  written by the same author who wrote the original Shan Shan story. Since Cherry and I loved Shan Shan so much, of course, she found us a translation of the original book, and then, being Cherry Cordial, she also found translations for this book too. So, I read the book. I really liked the book. And when Cherry Cordial said, “Hey, you know what is being subbed?” I was in. No question.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve been this excited, this wrapped up about a show in a really long time — I was a little afraid it couldn’t happen anymore. The fact that it did happen, and on such a little bit of fluffy nothing? What a huge relief! It reminds me of how I got hooked into dramas in the first place. love022

Love O2O, being subbed by DramaFever, is about a pair of college students who are deeply involved in an online game (I know there is a specific word for it but as I’m not a gamer, I couldn’t tell you what it is) no spoilers, but the pair don’t know each other but are both top players in the game. After Wei Wei gets dumped by her online husband (they were only married for gaming purposes, no angsty moping here) she is proposed to by the top male player. Throughout the story, they get closer and closer doing these…tasks? Adventures? Whatever it is that gamers call games While in real life they unknowingly get closer as well. love 020 2

Cuteness and light.

I was a little worried about the show as my least favorite part of the book (or the part I didn’t connect with) was the gaming world, so I wasn’t sure, with that being such a big part of the story, how it would translate. However. The production actually does a really good job at mixing the real world and gaming world, and by actually putting the real actors in the game scenes it adds a weight to them that I didn’t get in the book. Of course, the fact that the writers of the drama decided to take a piece of information (the fact that he knew who she was in the game and thereby set up their entire relationship) from an off-hand note at the back of the book and put it right in the very first episode, really makes you sit up and go awwww….. to the little looks and gestures he has towards her.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good awwwww…?love0202

This show is just delightful and, since I’m forcing myself to only consume it on my commute (having the dual purpose of making the commute something to look forward to and also an attempt for me to not gulp this drama down.) I’m only on episode 7. They haven’t even met in real life yet! I’m crossing my fingers that this show manages to stay just as cute, just as fluffy, and just as adorable throughout its run. Since I have actually read the original text, I do have a leg up on the other watchers (this also helps me not to chug down those episodes) so I know how it ends and how they get there. If the drama writers keep it even moderately close to the original, we’re in for a fun time.

Sometimes we need a little rest from the usual angst and pain from dramas, don’t you think?

Are you watching? Do you love it? And if you aren’t watching, when are you going to start??

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