A Baby, A Beta, & A Badass Heroine : Fool’s Love Review

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“OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!!” – Fangirl Musing’s reaction to and review of Fool’s Love.

Fool's Love Kdrama 12

Riddle me this! What’s the best feeling in the whole wide world? Don’t strain your brain, I’ll tell; it’s being wrong. 

I cracked open episode one of Fool’s Love, convinced the leads were gonna bad. Like, super bad. Razor blade buttplug, bad. After all, the promo material was saying the hero’s a derpy moron and the heroine’s a stuck up ice princess.

Well, promotional material, YOU WERE A BIG FAT LIAR!! Ho Goo isn’t stupid and Do Hee isn’t a bitch, and bless my stars above, both were awesome! These two have such dichotomous personalities and were interesting and cool and fun and unique and strong and someone please shut me up.

An extroverted, emotional hero and an introverted, reserved heroine fall face first in like-then-love. Just typing that sentence has me feeling my fangirl feels all over again.

I can’t give away much right now ’cause there’s a turd-ton of spoilers all over even the premise. That said?

Ho Goo is your Boy Next Door with a heart of gold that women ignore left, right and center.

Fool's Love Kdrama 9

Do Hee is your tough athlete with a heart of iron that everybody and their dead fourth cousin uses for their advantage.

Fool's Love Kdrama 8

There’s a baby, a case of mistaken identity, and the best frickin’ fracking well written, well acted, cute AF drama you ever did see. And no lie, guys? The comedy is hilarious! Fool’s Love did a fan-damn-tastic job keeping this story from getting too dark. And trust me, this show deals with some pretty heavy stuff, so that wasn’t an easy task.

The drama is good, so good. ALL of the good….With so much good, I can’t even do the words good to say just how good!

I’d stake my bloomers on the fact that you will adore this couple. I’d even bet my Fangirl Reputation you’ll even get heart eyes for EVERY character…well, every character except one.

Character X is just gonna make you want to chase him with a chainsaw.

While dramas aren’t a One Size Fits All, I super duper promise you’re gonna love this one! If it doesn’t grab you by the collar and subsequently feel-punch you in the face with happiness…then… 


If you haven’t seen it, tonight’s homework assignment is you putting your butt in front of Fool’s Love. Do it. Right now.

Go ahead. We’ll wait.

*16 hours later*

Welcome back, friend! Now, are you ready to fangirl because OH MY GOD WASN’T THAT SPECTACULAR?! I need not warn you of the incoming spoilers, right? Right!

Let me now spew forth my love for Second Male Lead!

Fool's Love Kdrama 13

This guy is a precious weirdo in all the best ways. He’s such a unique and memorable character, and best of all? He’s totally in love with our lead…our male lead!

RIGHT? Well, wrong, because it’s more of a Gay-Just-Kidding subplot.

I know, I KNOW! That plot point has got “problematic” written all over it. But honestly? I think the writers handled it pretty well.

Kang Chul is convinced he’s gay because he spends a day of fun (and no, that’s not a euphemism) with someone he thinks is Ho Goo, but nah son. It was actually Ho Goo’s sister disguised as her brother and omg this drama pulled that off so good! 

Fool's Love Kdrama 1 With Watermark

I know, there’s a gazillion and twelve things wrong with this plot point. It’s illogical and cliched as all hell. The gay panic ain’t cool. There’s unbelievable insta-love. Not to mention? The Gay Misunderstanding story line is as common as wrist grabs and fisheyed kisses.

But ya’ll…Kang Chul is in love with Ho Goo! I know, repetitive and it doesn’t sound like much but it IS…

Because the drama has got you thinking SML is big eviling-it-up by neglecting his baby daddy responsibilities to the heroine, when nope. Surprise, he didn’t bang Do Hee ’cause he’s “gay!” Sorry, guys, but I gotta give this problematic trope a pass just because of that plot twist.

Plus Kang Chul’s heart boner for Ho Goo is so big, I can’t not ship them.

All resistance was lost when he locked our hero in a room, wrist pinned him to the wall and demanded Ho Goo tell him who he liked! My ovaries exploded the second that wrist smacked that wall.

Fool's Love Kdrama 2

Ya’ll, I need a cold shower, I ain’t even lying.

I know. Trust me, I know I’m a sinful witch. Not ’cause shipping two dudes is wrong, but because the writers gave Kang Chul an “out.” That “out” completely denied LGBT+ representation, which we all know Dramaland needs.

n my defense? 

Fool's Love Kdrama 3

I HAVE ISSUES AND I REGRET NOTHING! That’s a lie, because gay-baiting is wrong. Please forgive me.

But as wrong-fun as that subplot was, it was just of the tip of the iceberg!

Byun Kang Chul does get a ship all his own, which reminds me! Ya’ll, Fool’s Love is jammed packed with quality characters. Our SML’s real crush, Ho Goo’s sister, was such an awesome female and dammit I wanna take her out for a chocolate shake.

Her and Kang Chul could go toe to toe with the OTP for the Best Lip Action Award, and who knows which couple would win? I love quirky, unique characters, and I especially love when those characters do the lip thing good.

Yes, I’m a thirsty glitch. Also yes, a healthy sex drive shown in a positive light makes me happy.

Ho Gyeong is a breath of fresh air for she’s very much an anti-stereotype. We women aren’t always a slob or always a princess, but a little bit of both. As such, our secondary heroine is a Put Together Lady as well as a Tomboy.

Not to mention she’s got the best damn monologue in Dramaland.

Fool's Love Kdrama 4

Ain’t nothing I love more than a safe sex lecture in my kdrama, and that’s not sarcasm! 

Plus, did y’all catch those supportive parents in the background who were nodding in agreement? Because hello, that was a thing! I don’t care what you say, I’m nominating these folks as Dramaland’s Best Parents. 

We’ve talked about lots of good stuff in this show, but we haven’t even touched on my Most Favorite Thing.

That spot is reserved for our leads and their beautiful ship.

The rule is a great ship needs great captains, and omg check that one off the list. Ho Goo is such a good, good guy. Hell, more than that he’s a good friend.

This boy snatched me by the hair when he told the heroine, “I didn’t want to date you, I wanted to love you.” You can bet your left tit my heart’s got his name tattooed all over it.

How could it not when the man was such an anti-alpha-asshole?

Our OTP gets into a fight when Ho Goo asks,”Should we call it quits?” Resigned, poor Do Hee looks as sad as can be. “Sure,” she says, completely defeated, “Let’s end it.”

This miscommunication made me so happy, because it was instantly resolved when Ho Goo replied, “Yeah, let’s stop fighting and take photos. I was sensitive earlier, I’m sorry.”


This man protects his loved ones, AND effectively communicates his thoughts and emotions!

If that weren’t enough, he tosses in an apology because, you know, everything isn’t a testosterone test. Can we clone his genes to populate our species? Please?

But you know what, my fangirls? Ho Goo’s awesome, but that heroine. THAT! HEROINE!

She owned my feelings so quick. There she was in episode two, kickin’ athletic ass and being a legit BAMF. She gets sweaty, whips off her workout shirt in a fit of excitement and…

Fool's Love Kdrama 5

…SHE COULDN’T BE BOTHERED TO GIVE A DAMN! Seriously, bless her confidence and her DGAF attitude. 

Do Hee is competitive. She’s never satisfied with second place. While that might not be mentally healthy or socially acceptable, I respect the hell out of her for it.

If she had a penis rather than a Vjayjay, nobody would bat an eye at that drive. But unlike most of Dramaland’s competitive penis-owners, Do Hee’s not an asshole!

In episode two, she refuses to take advantage of Ho Goo. After his money is stolen she corners the thief and demands they return it. She recognizes there’s a kindness in Ho Goo and respects him for it.

Put simply, she’s a multifaceted, likable, confident chick.

Fool's Love Kdrama 6

SHE IS MY EVERYTHING AND I HEART HER… But not as much as I heart dat OTP.

This couple had me grinning so often my face got cramps.

They are just so flippty-frackty cute! Like, in their kiss scene, it’s Do Hoo who instigates it while Ho Goo who plays the wide-eyed shocked innocent. 

They share this beautiful heart-stopping kiss and then both hide, separately and equally flabbergasted. That slapped me right in my tickle-dick. These two are such big dorks, and dammit they were endearing.

Their cute antics were fun, but holy crap on a cracker, their dynamic was also made of win!

I usually hate when the girl falls for the boy fast and/or first. Partly because I like they’re not preoccupied with the hero, and partly because it’s an unexplainable preference. That said, when it happened in this drama I didn’t hate it!

Do Hee has loved Ho Goo since their schooldays, which actually helps me believe in their ship.

Fool's Love Kdrama 7

Had she fallen for Ho Goo solely based on his emotional support during and after her pregnancy, I wouldn’t have faith in this OTP. But, by establishing Do Hee’s longtime feelings, this relationship felt more legitimate and not circumstantial.

That’s a lot of braining and word-thoughts, but the point is OH MY GOD THIS COUPLE IS SO WELL WRITTEN!

Well done drama writers, well done!

Lastly, and I swear to baby llamas I’ll shut up soon…but lastly, I gotta talk about Baby Daddy.

On the one hand, oh wow much surprise very shocking the heroine was raped. Can you hear my sarcasm? Dear Yoda, I hope so because dammit Dramaland!

Of course. Of course we HAVE to turn our girl into a rape victim. Now, please understand I’m not victim shaming, however this is such a tired trope and I’m over it. I could go into a long derivation why this rehash is awful and problematic, but I won’t. 

Suffice to say, I’m actually glad the drama didn’t pull a Rapist Ex Machina.

The writing actually puts effort into establishing the Rape McRaperface in early episodes. But they did so in such a subtle way that, truth be told? I didn’t see this twist coming, and I always see plot twists coming.

Fool's Love Kdrama 10

In the first few episodes we’re given hints about the heroine’s dead friend. It isn’t until much later we find out, yep, the friend’s a she and she was raped.

Two women being raped in a drama might sound like a hard pill to swallow, I know. But, this was actually pretty believable, surprisingly.

Good job, drama, you managed to impress me yet again with your clever writing and believable twists.

Plus you guys didn’t wave a wand to make everything cupcakes and rainbows for the OTP by the end. Fool’s Love closes with our couple still fighting for justice against her rapist, and that’s pretty poignantly fitting.

Bravo, Fool’s Love!

Sure, you’ve got some issues and a few sigh-inducing moments. I can’t deny that. However, you rocked a great cast, wonderful characters, AND a fun plot!

If you, my dear fangirls, need a break from Mary Sues and alpha assholes, then for the love of Good Kdrama Kisses, check out Fool’s Love!

Fool's Love Kdrama 11

It’s important.


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  • Reply humbledaisy1 July 26, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    You know, I always thought this drama sounded stupid but you made me think it might be charming. Good Job, FGM, good job.

    • Reply Fangirl Musings July 26, 2016 at 10:36 pm

      *BIG GIANT HUG!* Humble, you just made my mother flipping day girlfriend! I love it when I can do the drama convincing thing. If you give it a watch PLEAAAAASE let me know what you thought. Because more fangirling needs to happen, LOL.

  • Reply DBChen July 26, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    I could tell is was FGM from the first paragraph. You have such a distinct writing/speaking style.

    This show’s on my list of things to watch but other, newer, shinier things keep popping up. I was wary about the way the Gay-Not-Really trope would play out. One of these days…

    • Reply Fangirl Musings July 26, 2016 at 10:39 pm

      AWWWWWWW! *Screams a thousand happy squeals!* Okay, seriously, the fact that you recognized my writing voice IS THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT LIKE OMG.

      And, right?! All the dramas that are coming out I’m just like, “Please hurry up and finish so I can marathon crack-watch you dangit!” As is, I feel like Fool’s Love has slid under a lot of people’s radar, and I can understand why. It’s got a weird enough spin that most of the time it’d probably be a bad kdrama. But, they handle it all pretty darn well, considering. And God…that Fake Gay trope I just…I’m so weak for it. I know I know I KNOW I SHOULD BUT OMG I’M PATHETIC AHHH. LOL

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