Yes, You Told Me So

Posted by Stephanie on July 23, 2016


Moonlight park bo gum

Remember how people harass and harangue me to watch things, listen to things, give people a chance? And I never listen? And then, when I inevitably do stumble my way into something on my own and become an immediate convert, crowing as if these things are brand new, that I essentially hatched them myself? And then you remind me, this is the same drama, band, person, that you’d been trying to shove at me for the last how long?

Well. It’s happened again. 

It started easy enough.  Laurie LaurieADGirl posted this delightful video on her wall. And it is delightful… (To make the story make sense you need to realize Facebook striped all the identifying comments.)


I was enchanted. An obvious star in the making. And my comment was such: Get that boy a drama stat! To which someone replied, he has one coming in August. I was all awwwwww… of course, that much charisma could not stay secret for long. Then I dropped it and moved on.

Later, posts started coming in for this remarkable teaser for a new drama called Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Hey!  Isn’t that the guy? Oh. The dance was for a drama, I thought. Cool. Good job whoever came up with that idea. It is funny, adorable, and highlights your biggest asset. That guy.

Then I noticed something. His name. Park Bo Gum? Uhoh. It rang a bit of a bell. It couldn’t be, could it? It couldn’t be the same guy that all of my friends have been raving over for like forever. It couldn’t be the same guy my friends have been trying tricks and trickery in order for me to check him out? Oh crap. Yeah. I wasn’t going to hear the last of this for a while.

Now that I’m here though, I don’t mind climbing aboard this bandwagon.

Get goin’, Park Bo Gum hay ride!
Get goin’, we all is happy! 
Get going, Park Bo Gum hay ride!
There’s no use for callin’ I told you so!

(If you don’t know what I’m referencing, you obviously need to bone up on your Fred Astaire musicals.)

As I mentioned before, whoever came up with the idea for this, is quite the smarty pants as now, not only do I want to see the show, I’m oddly compelled to check out everything he’s ever been a part of. See the power of a good teaser?

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is one of those gender bending dramas that are a staple in dramaland. I had thought it was also a time travel one, one which seemed suspiciously close to Splash Splash Love, but turns out I was wrong about that.

So much to be wrong about in this post…

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