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Man, y’all are good Sherlocks with your title-reading, picture-seeing talents. You deduced correctly, because oh-my-yes; I wanna talk about Flower Boys Next Door!

To say I’m a big, giant dorky fan of this drama is the biggest understatement in human history. This series is one of the best romantic comedy dramas out there! It’s permanently stuck on my Top Ten list and I love it hard, for a LOT of reasons.

My FAVORITE reason? All that smart writing!

Flower Boys Next Door is low angst, with conflicts that are largely character driven and not fueled by external forces. We get OTP cuteness, realistic anti-slapstick comedy, honest emotion, and a grounded story. All the actors and writers rocked their A game; no delivery was phoned in, and every character was complex and nuanced.

And guys, you can bet your cushy tushy there will be at least one element that’ll have you crack-watching this drama!

Heartbreak. Friendship. Betrayal. Abuse. Bullying. Unrequited love. Failing to imagine people complexly…the list of themes is hella impressive. Yet despite the numerous plot points and story arcs, at the end of the day Flower Boys Next Door is simply about two very different people falling in love. 

Okay, that’s enough vague-blogging; let’s talk details!

Our girl Dok Mi is a people-avoiding recluse.

Meme 2

Our boy Enrique is friends with everyone he meets.

Meme 1

I fangirled over Dok Mi’s introverted book-lovin’ spunky butt. So too did I next-level-gaga over Mr. Infectiously Charming Extrovert. Both those peeps should be the “If You Love These Two, You’re Human. If not, We’re Voting You Off the Island!” litmus test.

And not only did we get awesome leads, there was an awesome supporting cast, too!

My memory recall sucks big monkey butt, so the fact that I know Kim Seul Gi’s moniker is a testament to how amazing she is on camera! Her Editor character was so memorable and very uniquely acted. This chick had exactly no time for social or gender conventions.

She had work to do, food to eat, and guys to crush on; so you can just get on outta her way.

This character was quirky without presenting as a paper-thin cliché, and in a way she kind of  encapsulates this entire drama.

Both are hilariously entertaining, with unexpectedly poignant emotional moments that is bookended an adorable romance. Both are rip-roaringly funny! Truthfully the sense of humor in this drama will have you cry-laughing so hard you might accidentally asphyxiate. 

Your feels for these characters, whether they’re crying or in pain will have you crying or in pain. And then, when these characters bust out the romance? Ho buddy, brace yourself!

The OTP have an adorable, funny, and hell, just a PRETTY relationship.

And yes, even the story’s second ship has a small but amusing flirtation. 

And BOTH? They’re gonna punch you in the heart.


This thing has everything! Amazing characters. Great writing. Astonishing acting. Cute romance. Copious themes. It caaaaaan’t be perfect, right? There’s gotta be at least one fly in the ointment…and sadly, there is.

Yes, there’s lots of fangirl worthy shenanigans in this show, but admittedly whenever the script pulls in aspects of Enrique’s game design job, it’s pretty limply written.

Additionally, this wasn’t helped by the fact that our boy’s job provides some external conflicts which don’t play believably, either. Whether it was stalker fans that needed to get a day job, or even just professional ambitions, neither really worked well.

But WOOT, those bumps are rare! So, hey, one criticism in a sea of awesome still makes this drama worth your time, I pinky promise!

If you’ve not already seen it…Wait, are there even humans on this rock who haven’t seen it?

There are?!

Then stop reading me fangirl, and go watch it!

BECAUSE SPOILERS! Scoot, begone, flee ye eyes if you wanna dodge-ball the spoiler bombs.

Meme 3

This drama makes me happy in my heart for alllllllll of the reasons, the best of which because it’s a formula breaker.

Unlike Every Other Kdrama Ever, here the second female lead doesn’t pursue the hero; she pursues the second male lead! And for a double whammy, the hero’s ex-love interest is NOT the female lead’s antagonist. HOLY EPIC YES!

…But then there’s that second male lead. Ugh.

This boy has a creepy-freaky saintly idolized perception of Dok Mi, and ewww. He’s of known this chick for years, yet doesn’t actually know her.  

Granted, while he’s problematic, he was still amusing. His drunk ramblings, his random spewing of English, his comedic feels; he’s just too likable to hate.

Poor schmuck even entered the single greatest battle a man can ever enter for the affections of his lady; a sing-off.

Meme 4

Because yes, screaming into a microphone with your lady’s crush is soooooo romantic. (Can you hear my sarcasm? Here, let me turn the volume up. HOW ABOUT NOW?)

But of everything I next-level fangirled over in this kdrama, the first prize goes to our fluff-bunny male lead. Enrique is precious and perfect and wonderful. (Protect him, he’s awkward.)

Undeniable, though, he shines brightly because of Dok Mi. This girl is interesting because she is dark, but she is NOT a walking joke. While she’s a recluse, she can and does brave her fears when necessary.

Our heroine is awesome and our hero is adorable, but those together? OH MY HEART!

Two of my favorite moments with the OTP is just them showcasing what a healthy relationship looks like.

The scene in which Enrique and Dok Mi go shopping together will always hit my heart with happy. Rather than the problematic cliche of The Dude playing Life Size Barbie Dressup with the heroine during a makeover montage, that don’t happen here.

Instead, it’s our hero stole who plays the guinea pig. In changing his style first, he proved their shopping excursion was just supposed to a fun activity.

He was NOT trying to change aspects of Dok Mi that didn’t need to be changed.

Meme 5

Yet in that same scene, we’re told it’s perfectly alright for a woman to dress up and look nice. And yes, it’s perfectly alright for a man to respectfully appreciate how she looks.


My second favorite OTP scene had such a painful and frustrating catalyst. In it, Dok Mi plays the noble idiot, breaking up with our boy using every excuse in the book. And of course, the only excuse that works is, “You left me once already.” SO MUCH PAIN! Watching those two dorks hurting hurt me!

With such an unfun setup, why on Earth did I love the scene that followed it so much?


Our OTP acted like a real couple by talking about their insecurities and fears of and for their relationship. They used their words, guys!

I know, I’m fangirling over abstract adult relationship stuff rather than the smexy lip tango dances or cutesy-wootsey skinship.

Please don’t take away my Fangirl membership card!

I promise, I really did love Flower Boy Next Door’s accidental kiss! Because ya’ll, when most kdramas make the heroine flip the frick out, Dok Mi is actually totally ambivalent. Instead, it’s our adorable cinnamon bun Enrique who’s all flusteredly kerfluffled.

I’ll never understand the magical Dramaland physics that allow accidental kiss to work. Even still, they cue my chuckle just as much as On Purposes kisses cue my swoon! 

Meme 7

And I’ll be hot-diggity damned if FBND didn’t have a beautiful, romantic, contextually fitting and character appropriate face-holding kissey scene!

But if you just watch this show for the main couple, THEN STAHP! The drama’s second ship, The Editor and Oh Dong Hoo, will satisfy your soul in every way imaginable.

They are polar opposites.

They have adorable stinkin’ cute moments together.

They are hilarious.  

They are everything!

Meme 8

They rock so hard in large part because the Editor rocks so hard! She was a zero-crap tolerating ass-kicker. She was completely content in her weirdness. And, best of all, she was true to herself and never once compromised her integrity.

Meme 6

The FBND characters were all amazing, but I will never love anything more than this drama’s comedy! Everyone affiliated with this show had the best sense of humor!

From the editing department we got a slow motion bromance montage which comically plays like a romance flashback.

From the writing department we got snippets of character humor that make you laugh in all the best ways.

From the directing department we got absolutely hilarious smexy flower boy panning shots! (And to answer your question, yes; I did watch those scenes with my hands over my face because I’m an awkward duck.)

From the acting department, we got Yoon Shi Mother-Flippin’ Yoon.

This boy stole the comedy show with his ex-Italian Mob skit. In that one scene we got gut-bustingly funny physical comedy, dialogue with comedic bull-crapping of the Spanish language, and even parody humor!

Meme 9

If you sit through this entire drama and don’t crack even one smile, then QUICK! Get thee to the emergency room because I’m quite confident your funny bone is shattered into six thousand shards. 

Flower Boys Next Door is such a good, romantic, funny, uplifting, moving, emotional, motivating, inspiring, sweet, heartfelt, fun show. I could literally word vomit for another 1,500-something words over it, but I’ll spare you.

If you made it this far, give yourself a cookie because you are officially a badass.

Meme 10

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