Musical Monday: Junsu Rocks Our World

Posted by Stephanie on May 30, 2016



Junsu’s back! Junsu’s back! Junsu’s back! I’m so excited, guys. And not just because this means new picture inspiration for my Topsu fanfic. 😉 I will admit, I held out until today to listen. (Not sure why.) When I did finally listen? It was in a packed coffee shop. Yes. Packed with people. People who don’t quite understand the Junsu/fangirling. Nope. That was definitely not the smartest move I made today. Perhaps the bright red my skin turned could be explained away by the weather. Yeah…it’s hot outside. Yeah….that’s it. Outside.

So Junsu is back again. 

Is it just me or does he whip out music fast? When does he have time for anything? He’s put out lots of music, a song for the Descendants of the Sun OST. Soccer. Publicity. Dracula. Dorian Gray. So much. (I’m making an active choice to leave out his dating activities.) I’m guessing he doesn’t sleep.


Anyway, new music.

This album dropped today, with the new music video for Rock the World on Friday. Do I like the song? A very important question. Hmm…. Well, it’s not as instantly catching me as some of his other songs, but I’m not too worried about it as some, like Incredible? Just need to sit a little bit with me before they catch my attention. It just seems like there are a lot of different parts of the song, with different beats and styles and I like more than others.


One thing that never got old? Junsu abs. Come on. Never. Gets. Old. Probably because it’s also not something we get all the time (surprising considering how…suggestive his lyrics are.) I would have guessed we would have gotten something like that when Regina sent me a picture of one of his posters for the concert tour he’s doing. junsu

As for the video, there seems to be a few of reoccurring elements between this and his other videos. Not that I don’t like them (Junsu does apparently love being perched atop a throne) it’s just funny how it’s something I’m recognizing.


The Froot Loop suit is new though.


My favorite part of the video comes around the 2.50 mark, where the song and the dancing really come together. Will I be buying this album? Fudge yeah. I also would like to put it out there, if Junsu should decide to come this way tour wise, I would give him all my money — ALL MY MONEYS— to see him perform live. You probably shouldn’t tell him I don’t really have much by way of moneys but, the sentiment is true and pure. (Okay, not so pure.)


Junsu, Rock The World


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  • Reply missienelly June 1, 2016 at 10:00 am

    Hmmmm I don’t know… I’m not feeling it. I still prefer his spaceship candy lol

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