Battling Fanfiction Peer Pressure

Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2016


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In my clan of messenger friends, an addiction to fanfiction is running rampant. So much so that it’s overtaking prime drama watching time. This weekend, I was a good girl, did my posts, so I was ready to settle down and watch some dramas. However, my very helpful friend decided it would be better to try and peer pressure me into reading fanfiction. Peer pressure which broke out into one of our gif wars. Thought I’d share.

Amber Kmuse: : So I tried some of the other fanfic from that a/b/o author. Didn’t really enjoy them. Just the one

Molly: I’m reading the one you like right now. It’s good. Thanks for letting us know about the others.

Amber Kmuse: : The alpha omega one I suggested last night?

Molly: Yep

Stephanie: I liked the one with the tattoo a lot. It’s one of the few that isn’t by Bazooka that I liked

Amber Kmuse: Did you like the dream one at all?

Stephanie: I did not read that one yet?

Amber Kmuse: It is probably my favorite. I think we all really loved that one

Stephanie: Unless it’s the pacific rim stuff. Is that a dream? Then no. And probably won’t/

Molly:The dream one is such a cool premise. I got so sucked in I was up until 4 am reading it.

Amber Kmuse: No the dream one is where taehyung and a girl share their dreams in each others bodies and eventually fall in love. It is super good

a girl?
no thanks

Amber Kmuse:  Dude…………… It is awesome the one with a non group character that is amazingly written.

Molly: Yep! Stephanie, it surprised me, too. But it’s one of the best fan fics I’ve ever read

Amber Kmuse: Yup. Even equal to Bazooka’s

Molly: They make her so relatable. She’s American. And kinda normal seeming.

Amber Kmuse: It is one of the most romantic ones as well. And funny at the same time

Molly: Yeah. I think it’s why Taehyung is now at the top of my BTS bias list. Well, one of the reasons.

Amber Kmuse: Same. It is the reason he is my #1 as well. Just give it a try… I guarantee that by 3 chapters you won’t want to put it down.

Stephanie:  I wrote 3 posts tonight! Plus did some site work. Which means I get to watch drama guilt free. I might actually do it too. Thinking of going back to Love Me If You Dare

Amber Kmuse: WOOT! Love that drama. I still need to read the book. I was going to start til Cherry got me hooked on so many fanfic.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHA. That Cherry. Such a bad influence.

Molly: LOL Yes – I have barely watched any dramas the last couple weeks. It’s been fan fic all day every day. Well, except when I work… and sleep. Cherry, I love your list. It’s golden.

Stephanie: Not me. I hate your list. L It has RUINED my schedule

Molly: Well, I do have to admit that I’m hopelessly behind on dramas. I don’t think I’ll even be able to catch up. But it’s been worth it! 🙂

Amber Kmuse: Same. My schedule is messed up. Here is the dream fanfic stephanie……… Just for easy access
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Chapter 1 – AwkwardBeansidhe – 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS…
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

Stephanie: Heh. Nice try.

Amber Kmuse:11706564_1141634299196523_1215731344_n

Amber Kmuse: Stephanie is always telling me that…. Payback


Molly: LOL

Amber Kmuse:



Amber Kmuse: 11747357_945681365475786_175174373_n

Amber Kmuse: Haha. Just saying if all 4 of us agree…. It is probably something you would like


Xe: *whispers* I still have to read it but I started and it was really good.

Amber Kmuse: Gasp…… finish. It is so romantically awesome

Molly: Right??? SO. GOOD.

Stephanie: 11982953_905385119538386_574208669_n

Molly: LOL

Stephanie: Its like you guys want to drive me away from actual watching of dramas.


Stephanie :11354215_10101147319669576_803514437_nSee? I have terrible friends! Such a bad influence on me. Luckily I managed to resist just to spite them.






who am I kidding? I buckled. It was a fanfiction weekend. Damn it. I need to get new friends.

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