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Posted by Stephanie on April 24, 2016



My time at the McFeeleys was fairly low key. That’s how they like it. We ate some food, watched some tv, and played some games (also recorded a podcast, but that’s for later). The game we played was one of the few things on the McFeeley’s MUST list. My friends the McFeeleys are ultimate Running Man fans. They are actually huge board game fans. They also like to make their own board games. Do you get what I’m laying down here? Yeah. They made their own Running Man board game.

And it is EPIC

I’m not even sure how to explain it. When they tried to explain it to me I was all…uhhh okay…that sounds like fun. Because I am a good and supportive friend who is just happy that her friends love the same things she does. (Although, I have to say, their love of Running Man is much bigger than mine, but that just makes me love them even more.)

Here’s how I’ll try. There is a board. And Jami found some character art online that she turned into the pieces.


You choose your character. As I thought the Haha piece was the cutest, and Haha is a formidable player, each time we played I claimed him as my own. Giraffe is also a popular piece and, oddly, so is Suk Jin. However, I will say, we played 2 times and both times whoever played Suk Jin, of course, lost.

mcfeeley weekend2

You roll the dice and move around the board trying to reach one of the Running Man squares. Once there you choose a challenge card. These cards are a series of activities and challenges lots of them found in Running Man.

Collection of game parts:


Playing some games:

mcfeeley weekend3

It was fun to actually play some of the games you’ve seen on tv. There was one where we had to place a cookie on our foreheads and then kind of jimmy it down into our mouths not using our hands. Guys. This is HARD. And luckily I had brought them some flat Korean cookies which fit the theme. Who knows what the actual names of the cookies are, but whatever it is, they shall henceforth be known as face cookies.

Here are examples of some of the Mission Cards.

mcfeeley weekend4

If you win a challenge you can get Angel Card. An Angel card can help or hurt you. (When I played it was usually hurt me.)

Here are some of the Angel Cardmcfeeley weekend

As soon as one person earns 3 of the Angel Cards, the challenge part of the game is done and you head into the nametag ripping section. Here you go around the board chasing down the other members (the Running Man squares now becoming hiding spots). Here you can use your various Angel Cards. Best one?

Giraffe and Suk Jin form an alliance and spontaneously break out into song—which I of course made them recreate.

Come on. Isn’t that adorable???

When you come up to another member you can attack them using the roll of the dice. If you get the high roll you win they are out, if not, they can attack back or run away.


Last member standing wins! (I did not win.)


This game is still in it’s beta form, but it is SO much fun and I can’t wait to bring it with me to KCon to make all the roomies play. I CALL HAHA!



  • Reply Denise April 24, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    Nice board game, McFeeley’s! It looks so fun! And the character pieces are too cute.

  • Reply kfangurl April 27, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    WOW! So much creativity and passion!! They DO love Running Man, probably more than anyone I’ve ever come across!! *wild applause*

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