The Thin Red Line

Posted by Stephanie on April 1, 2016


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Now that Signal is done, and I’ve still got my cranky pants on—can we chat about something that I’ve recently found out irritates the bejeesus out of me? Of course it’s entirely possible I might be alone here and that’s okay, I just needed to get it off my chest.

DramaFever’s thin red line. 

Do you know which line I’m talking about? I don’t know when it happened, I don’t even know if it’s just me that it happens to, but when I watch something on the DramaFever player, there is a little red line at the bottom of the screen which tells you how far along in the video you are. No big deal, right? Lots of players have this! How else will you know how much you’ve got left in the episode? How else are you going to be able to judge if you should pause it to pee or just try to make it to the end of the episode? No, I get it. That’s fine. However, this line? This is one is not okay. Why?


Like ever. You can wiggle the shit out of your mouse, try to bring it to full screen, even swap to the projector and there it is. Lurking. The red line. Again, it could just be me, but I find the mere existence of this red line irritating AF.

Why?red line

I’m a firm believer in anything which takes you out of the drama, out of the experience, is a bad thing. That line, sitting there, lurking is a constant reminder. Like you can focus on anything with a GDragon countdown clock mocking you at the bottom of your screen. And that’s what it’s doing. Mocking. Laughing at you. Saying, “You like this episode don’t you? I know you do. Well, you’d better enjoy it because you only have 17 minutes left.” You know what I equate it too? Remember when Netflix (or possibly Hulu) after so many episodes would be all “You’ve watched for 6 hours, are you sure you want to keep going? Yes? Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be a better idea for you to get off your lazy ass and go outside?” Or something like that.

Don’t be judging my life choices!


Okay, so it’s not really like that, but hey, check it out, 2 rants in one post! I just don’t even know why they thought this was a good idea? Was it just a glitch that happened and they figured, “Hey, we could fix it but, eh. Why bother?” Or did they have a huge amount of people write in and say, “You know, we’re too enthralled in our drama watching. We need something to distract us so we don’t pay so much attention.”

If you were one of those people you can just stop reading this blog right now.

So, I ask you. Do you have the red line? Is it just me? Does it bother you? Or is it just me? And above all did you have the line but figured out how to get rid of it? You, yes you, I want to hear from you the most.

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  • Reply Cherry Cordial April 1, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    I think I’ve already ranted to you about my hate for the red line. I’ve heard some people say they don’t have it, and I think I’ve figured out why. I think it’s because they’re watching on their TV via Roku or Chromecast, and on TVs the edges of the screen are under the plastic casing, which is also why you sometimes lose part of your subtitles when you watch on Chromecast with hardsubs.

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