KCon’s Comin’–Hide your Heart Girls!

Posted by Stephanie on March 11, 2016


kcon2016-800x450Hide your hearts and pull out those piggy banks because the dates for this years KCon has officially been announced. And, just like last year, there are two KCons, yes, two I tell you. Two chances to meet other kpop/kdrama fans. Two chances to break out that perfect GD cosplay outfits. Two chances to see many kpop bands perform on one stage.

Are you ready?

Last year was the first for a couple of things. It was the first time KCon ventured from LA into NY. (Okay, they say NY, but let’s get real here. It’s not NY. You can try to believe it by saying it’s the Greater Tri-state Area, but we all know what you mean. New Jersey. Not just New Jersey but, Newark, the arm pit of an already reputation-ally questionable state. I am allowed to say this as, though I refer to it as the Tri-state area, I actually live here. Not Newark of course. God help me if I moved from New Hampshire to Newark.)  On the LA side of things, it was the first year that the event bumped from 2 days to three and moved from an outside (you know where all that sun beating down was) venue to a bigger, indoor area. To which we all said, God Bless AC.

I had wondered just how the New York event went over and doubted that they would do it again but let’s just all have a big cheer to the fact that Stephanie is usually always wrong about these things! Hip-hip-horray! Not only are the KCon people doing it again, but they are spreading it from one day to two. Makes you wonder if they are going to make it bigger this year?

Now get your pencils ready, I’m about to lay some dates on you:

KCON NY (Prudentical Center) 2 days, 2 nights of concerts 6/24-25

KCON LA (Staples Center) 3 days, 2 nights of concerts 6/29-31

I’m liking the fact that they are putting more space in between the two of them. Last year they were a week apart and I can only imagine how much work goes into putting these things together.

Anyway, for those of you who are thinking about dipping into those funds to get yourself a ticket I say huzzah! You should totally do it. KCon is a blast. Just think of it, thousands and thousands (and thousands) of your people all together! Plus merch. Now, if you’re trying to decide between LA and New York? LA people, LA hands down. It’s a bigger venue, more booths, more workshops and panels, less chance of being murdered and or mugged if you wander away from the venue. (Oh, Newark)

Am I going you ask? Too soon to tell, but I’ll keep you posted! How about you? Are you going? Anyone want to put in a guess as to who is going to perform?

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  • Reply missienelly March 12, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Oh my goodness, i think this year is the year for me, Stephanie!!! I will set aside funds! LA it is!!!!

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