OKC: We Done Messed Up (And Theme Poll)

Posted by Stephanie on February 27, 2016



If you’re a member over at the OKC, you’ll probably noticed something is missing over there. And you’d be right. What’s missing would be the drama chat, you know, what we started the group for. Call it a lack luster show, call it admins who let it slide (Or an admin who didn’t even watch even though it was her choice…), whatever it is, we dropped the ball and need to do something about it. 

As of right now, we’re bumping in the schedule. New theme poll is going up today that you can vote on. Since this is a short poll, get your say in now as voting will end on MONDAY. Now weigh your vote carefully, because come heck or chocolate pudding, this is what we’re going to be discussing on Monday’s and Thursdays again.

So sayith Stephanie and so shall it be.

First theme up for your consideration:

Working For A Living

These are the dramas where a big chunk of the drama takes place during workplace hours. Coworkers, companies, and I’m sure backstabbing, angst, and possible love will ensue.

Sung Hoon

(extra bonus points if you can spot the one we will NOT be watching…)


Next? We’ve got:

Cable, The Other White Meat

Come on, we all know there is something about a cable show… They are a little more edgy, sharper, and meaty. You know you want a good kiss or an even better fight scene? You go to cable. So this theme will celebrate the not so little guy.


Remember, theme poll ends Monday when we will then put up the show poll, head to OKC to get your say in today!

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