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Posted by Stephanie on February 22, 2016



Running Man sneakers anyone? Who know this was going to be a thing? Or more to the case, why did it take the network so long to come up wit the idea? Running Man is a giant show all over the globe. Merch people, merch.

The line of shoes were unveiled by SBS today and they were actually designed by a fan for in a contest. Even better, merch you didn’t have to pay someone to design! The sneakers are being sold on G-Market, but when Cherry took a trek there earlier today, it looked like they only had the red in stock—my least favorite ones. This could be that this was just a test order and they will have more coming in soon or—probably more to the case—Running Man is so popular they sold out in a blink.

The sneakers are about $64 but with shipping? I shudder to think. But then again, I’m a cheapo with sneakers. (The result of growing up in an outlet town…) Also, do people really buy sneakers online? I’m so picky about sneakers, that I couldn’t imagine blowing the bucks on something I wouldn’t be able to use. Although, I’m guessing I’m missing the point.

I wonder if the cast will now start wearing them? If they are made by the network themselves, do you think they’ll have to blur them out? I always thought it was so funny on the episodes when they dress the crew in matching outfits and the logos have to be blurred out. Guys! You’re dressing them! Just choose something that isn’t slathered in a logo.

Anyway, apparently this is just the beginning and they are going to follow this up with a whole line of hats and t-shirts.

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