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Posted by Stephanie on January 16, 2016


Happy_birthday-8A random fact jumped into my brain today. This weekend it’s officially been 4 years since I started blogging about my K-experience on a whim. 4 years of highs, lows, laughs, tears, great new friends, and even better—new biases! 

I’d tried blogging before and it hadn’t really caught on for me, but with this obsession, Kdrama, I needed an outlet that I just wasn’t getting in my small NH town. Unlike my other blogs, this one stuck and as much time and effort I put into it, I’ve gotten just that much back. Over the last few years I was lucky enough to speak at KCON and I’ll be completely honest, all of my closest friends I have right now are made directly or slightly indirectly by the blog. Cherry, my partner in crime, started out an anxious commented and from there went to a contributor, then with the addition of the podcast, my partner in crime. With her ‘lets just figure this out’ attitude and her love of the technical, she is the perfect foil for my frazzled creative brain.

Honestly, with the crashing and burning of Crazy For Kdrama, without Cherry, I would not have come back to blogging. Now, personally, I think Kchat is even cooler.

Xe, friend and sometimes contributor with her hilarious crazy D.O. imaginings, was met after a post on the blog told her that the Caffe Bene I chose to work at when I first moved to the city, was right by her work. Interesting and yet gross side note, the bathroom always smelled like waffles—and it was closed down several times by the health department. I’m not sure if the shut downs had anything to do with the smell of waffles in the toilet, but there it is.

Cherry brought Molly into the fold and Molly is the ultimate ra-ra cheerleader and eager gay fanfiction assistant plotter. What? Doesn’t everyone have a cheerleading gay fanfiction plotter in their life? Well, I’m just sad for you.

I’m currently sitting on my friend Regina’s couch, Regina the beloved oddball who I met, in the middle of a snowstorm, on the PATH train, while trudging into the city for a CNBLUE concert. Tip for you, if you look at someone and think…”They LOOK like they are on their way to a kpop concert,” take a chance and speak to them, hopefully, it will work out for you as well as it did me.

Newbie to the inner circle is Jacqueline who as of late turned from a for real fangirl (of me!) to a friend. I’ve now spent hours and hours on the phone with while she humors me and listens to my litany of current anxieties—and if that isn’t payment enough for a ticket to the cool kids table—I don’t want to know what is.

I’m not going to lie, the destruction of Crazy and the loss of a lot of my content, killed my momentum. In this new year, I promise to you, my favorite peeps, some of you who have been with me since the beginning-ish and those of you newbies, I’m going to try and branch out, get lots new content up, have lots of fun new times, and in the spirit of that, I’d like to announce that we have a couple of new contributors who will be poking in around here.

Regina, from above, who goes by the name JadeFaerie, will be adding a beauty review series and periodic drama commentary. She’s been on the blog a couple of times, in a chat post over My Venus, a couple of beauty reviews are already live, and if you really want to see the flavor of Regina, you can check out our Tipsy BigBang podcast.

Jess, a drama newbie, will writing about, well whatever, the heck she wants to write about, but primarily contributing to the k-experience. Jess wrote a year end post this year and if you want to hear her in person, you can check out the Love Sick Season 2 podcast. But only if you’ve seen Love Sick Season 2. If you haven’t seen season 2? Dude. What are you waiting for.

As for me? I’m still just here, writing, writing, writing, toying with some video, and just hoping you guys like it all enough to keep coming back. Thanks guys for 4 years of awesome (as for your sake I’ll chose to believe you had nothing to do with the bad) years, and hopefully we’ll have lots more!



  • Reply kfangurl January 16, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Congrats on 4 years of blogging, Steph!! That’s an impressive length of time to be blogging, especially when many bloggers give up at around the one-year mark. Yay that you’ve found your groove again, after what happened with Crazy. It’s true that Kchat’s a cooler space altogether, so talk about making lemonade outta lemons, eh? 🙂 All the best going into your 5th year, fighting~! 🙂

  • Reply missienelly January 16, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Congrats and happy blogging birthday! I still think that I’m the few lucky ones who got the Crazy button and still parading around DC *giggle*. I missed your routine Khottie of the Weak… *pouts* Anyway, I’m glad to know this long! I just hope we get to meet one day! We MUST!

  • Reply Elena Linville January 16, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    Wow, 4 years is a long time indeed! Congratulations and Happy anniversary!

  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland January 17, 2016 at 6:22 am

    2015 was a rough year, but – my friend – you are amazingly positive and resilient. Your podcast gives us the chance to fangirl and squee right along with you and Cherry. And I love your posts – you have such a witty, fun voice. So, we need your blog, and it’s a good thing for all of us that you’ve stuck it out for four years – we’re counting on many more! 🙂

    As for me, I’m pretty darn lucky to have found a friend as cool as you. I’m so glad Cherry introduced us; my life is better with you and KchatJjigae in it.

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