Oh Christmas Crafts, Oh Christmas Crafts

Posted by Stephanie on December 27, 2015


How you fangirl so brightly! Now that the Christmas presents have all been fixed out to their respective fangirls (or received by me) I can reveal what the elves have been busily doing this holiday season.

First off, let’s talk decor. As I’ve been stuck in my house, I’m getting a little stir crazy and filled with, well we’ll just say less shame than usual. One box of decapitated kpop heads, one bag of balls, and a package of ticky-tack gets you an oddly disturbing kpop themed Christmas tree.

imageAnd it didn’t stop there.Oh Christmas Key, Oh Christmas Key!


For my fellow BigBang fan/friend Regina I glittered the shit out of these frames to match them with Taking High Art Down pictures. (My house and me will now be covered in glitter for at least a year or two

imageIn return, she gave me an official BigBang scarf! It’s warm and cozy like a blanket.


From my friend Jacqueline, I recived a box filled with Kpop schwag! Check out these kicking BigBang stickers! Now, to decide what to do with them—a very serious and important decision.


Speaking of Junsu, check out this cell phone charm. I’m curious as to whether it is actually Junsu or not as his backside is suspiciously flat.


And this Rap Mon charm bracelet—it’s bullets, get it? Huh, we are bullet proof!


And the one that gives me big squeeees is the Giraffe/Running Man hat Mrs McFeeley made for Baby McFeeley. I’m so proud! (And jealous…)


I wish I could tell you the big thing Cherry and I worked on to give to a select few, unfortunately, only it is super lips sealed top secret. I’ll just tell you it was super awesome!

So, how did you make out? Did a loved one make an effort to Kpop or kdrama you up? Or were you the one who did the giving?

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