A Very Khottie Christmas!

Posted by Stephanie on December 25, 2015

Khottie of the Week

gift boxMerry Christmas everyone! We have some very special people who stopped by who wanted to help spread some holiday cheer. Fellas?

Donghae and Eunhyuk want to sing you a Christmas carol. (Eunhyuk is trying hard to resist the urge to take his shirt off.)

eunhyuk donghae

All Kim Ji Hoon and Yoon Shi Yoon want for Christmas is you!

flower boy

Kwang Soo came to drop off a little sugar.

kwang soo

Jung Il Woo, put that back!

Jung il woo

Jackson is just excited to spend this very special day with you.


WOAH guys, WOAH. We did not mean that White Christmas. Put your shirts on!

white christmas

BigBang wants to bring some style and class to your hum drum lives.


BTS says, we’re adorable, can we come in? What do you say?


Lee Jong Suk! Get your fingers out of Kwang Soo’s cake!


Luckily Kim Soo Hyun came prepared.

kim soo hyun

Awwww…. Soo Hyun thought it would be okay if Lee Min Ho tagged along, you don’t mind guys, do you?

lee min ho

The boys of Vixx what to sing a jaunty bondage carol for you

Siwon says, thanks for the hat and mittens, because baby it was getting cold outside.


So Ji Sub wants to know where you keep the mistletoe.

so ji sub

Fix your face, Song Joong Ki wants to do a heart selfie with you!


Last minute arrival! The boys of JYJ reunite just to wish you a Merry Christmas!



Merrrry Christmas Everyone!

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