Good Bye Eunhyuk!

Posted by Stephanie on October 13, 2015


goodbye eunhyuk 3

Got your tissues handy, ladies? Well, we knew it had to happen. Actually, some of us wondered why it hadn’t happened sooner–but that doesn’t make the news any less hard–any easier to take. Eunhyuk has officially shaved his head, said his goodbyes, and has begun his military service.

Good bye our little anchovy!

Now let’s just say I’m writing this post as a very big fan of Eunhyuk and Super Junior, not as a bias card holding fangirl as per the contract Cherry Cordial made me sign when I relinquished my Eunhyuk bias to her in favor of Heechul. (Now that Eunhyuk is going to be gone for two years, it doesn’t seem like such a bad trade now does it?) Nope, just a big fan here.

When stars turn themselves in for military service they can choose one of two options. They can stoically sneak off in the night with no word to the public, leaving with only a statement through their agency released after they go in saying something to the tune of “He just wanted to go off and do his service like any other Korean man.” or “He didn’t want to be a distraction”. Then there is the star who is sent off with many goodbyes, banners, media, and fans. basically a giant fan meet at the doors of boot camp.

Guess which one Eunhyuk went with?

We start off with one of a series of good byes from Eunhyuk’s own Instagram:

According to Google Translate it says:

That 's the time is now to go I 'm out of time I'll go now

Here we have the idol Last Supper with other SM artists like his band mates Heechul and Dong Hae, Yesung, and LeeTuk, Min Ho from Shinee, the one guy left over from TVXQ, Taecyon from 2PM (although I think 2PM is from JYP not SM), and others I don’t recognize. Take note, unlike other stars who either don’t cut their hair before, or just do a short cut–buzzcut training wheels–Eunhyuk went off and did the full buzz.


Then it was time–D-Day. While I’m not a huge LeeTeuk fan, it was cute to see him go see Eunhyuk off, documenting a nervous Eunhyuk:


Sad yet? No? Well, now we’re getting to the hard part. The actual good-bye. Ready for some Eunhyuk tears?

Good thing LeeTeuk was there to comfort him–makes you wonder though–where was bestie DongHae? Can’t say he has a full schedule now that his partner is gone. Do you think it would just be too sad? Or, do you think perhaps it was too close for comfort considering that DongHae is slated to go in for his own military service at any time?

goodbye eunhyuk

Now we’re down to the last goodbye poses, the last pictures we’ll have of Eunhyuk until the obligatory leaked photo of him in boot camp leak. Goodbye little Anchovy, we’ll see you in 2 years, I’m sure hotter than ever! (Ahem. Again said just as a general fan of Super Junior and the post military hotness we know to expect.)


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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland October 18, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    This military service thing just sucks for us fans. I know it’s mandatory, and I want it to be a good experience for Eunhyuk. I hope his fellow recruits will be good to him. May these next two years go by quickly.

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