The Science of Jaejoong

Posted by Stephanie on October 7, 2015


ajjaejong 3

The other day Cherry Cordial brought a very pressing and important question to Xe and I to weigh in on. Xe and I may have gotten a little…sidetracked.

Cherry Cordial: So, Mystical Being of Unicorns and I were watching this video of Jaejoong singing, and we both came out of it wondering if he’s wearing skinny camos.

Stephanie: He looks hawt.

XE: He put on a bunch of weight and it looks sooooooo good.  Did you see him in the black tshirt?

Stephanie: THAT IS IT!

XE: He joked about it, I think he said 14k. I want an “idols eat more and have healthy bodies” trend.

Stephanie: Because that is SEXY

Cherry Cordial: Yes, he’s hot and all, but I *really* need you guys to weigh in on the skinny camos.

XE: Heh.

Stephanie: I was just looking at other footage to see if I can tell. I want to say no and am trying to compare him to others.

XE:  You think they were tailored to be skinnier? I need a moment to look at allllll the videos to decide.

Cherry Cordial: Ah, I understand the need for research.

Stephanie: Okay, look at him compared to the guy filming him.

skinny pants

XE: I can’t tell if that is because of the weight gain because at first they looks tighter on the bottom than the top but then I realized that’s just because of the cargo pockets but the top part are tight as well…. as evidenced by how good his butt looks.

Stephanie: hahahhaa

Cherry Cordial: Thank you both for your selfless research to further understand the world of idols.

XE: important work that needs to be done

Stephanie: I will show you what I accidentally did:


XE: Stephanie, why is this product selling so much better than the others?

Stephanie: HAHAHAHA dude. I should totally keep it. This is what my business needs!

Cherry Cordial:  hah! More photos of Jaejoong… you know… for science…



Stephanie: hot fudge

Xe: His pants are totes tighter than that other dude.

Cherry: I’m not saying those are what he wears daily. I’m just wondering if he got specially tailored ones for the performance–also, I did notice that the other dude is shorter, so I don’t know if that makes a difference in fit.

Xe: The other dude’s shirt is not nearly as tight. I’m still not sure if it’s not all because of weight gain. One thing is for sure, he should not buy new shirts. The smaller hug him so so so well…


So what do you think? Specialty tailored pants? Yay or nay?


  • Reply chi October 12, 2015 at 8:13 am

    I appreciate girls who are into science 😉
    Thanks for the good laugh!

  • Reply SaraG October 16, 2015 at 10:37 am

    I have opinions on this…but I think I should continue researching before I weigh in…prove the hypothesis by repeated testing and such

  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland October 18, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Um – yes, Jaejoong…. (sigh). There’s this perception that idols/actors always look better after military duty. When Jaejoong first entered the military, I had a conversation with a friend – the premise being “how would it even be possible for Jaejoong to look hotter after military??” I mean, he’s so beautiful that it seemed like there would be nowhere to go but downhill. Boy, was I wrong. And I was never happier to admit that. 🙂 That weight gain REALLY works for him…..

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