Yoo Ah In Wants To Get Smutty

Posted by Stephanie on October 6, 2015


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You think that title is clickbait? Well it’s not because it’s totally truth based! Truthienss? Mmmm…truthy goodness. I should probably get to the smutty point, right? 

So in a recent interview Yoo Ah In said that his favorite project was Secret Love Affair which kind of seems weird considering he was out shilling for his new movie Veteran (which I hear is excellent and I’m so cranky I can’t get out there in see it. Yoo Ah In as a full on villain? And I have to miss it? The Gods of Kdrama are cruel sometimes.) Usually when you’re out promoting something you’re not all, “What’s my favorite work? Well not this POS thing, or even the drama I’m currently working on, it’s this other thing I worked on years ago.” I’m pretty certain someone probably had a talk with him afterwards, “Hey Yoo, maybe you want to uuuhhh, I don’t know, PROMOTE YOUR FREAKING MOVIE?”


But as fans, we are fine with the entire situation as he wants to continue to push himself as an actor, taking on different types of roles, you know, intense smutty roles: ” I think it would be nice to do a provocative, erotic romance movie.” (Source) Umm…actually, I’m pretty sure fans are now standing up and shouting “GIVE THIS MAN THE SMUTTY MOVIE HE DESERVES!”

It’s actually funny the differences between dramas and movies. Kdramas are so…manner hands and innocent (although we’re getting better action on the kissing front) and movies are lot darker and smexier. Now, I’m not saying one is better than the other, but it can be quite a shock when you first get into Kdrama then pick up a movie and it’s actually soft-core porn. Bow-chica-wow-wow!

Now will this really happen? I would say no because he is so young and his career is going on a jaunty pace, but Lee Joon did it in Rough Cut and it worked out really well for his career. Actually, it’s interesting to bring up Lee Joon here as I think these actors are pretty similar–they are both young actors who are actually really good at acting (isn’t it sad that has to be said?) and they both seem to be taking chances with their careers and the roles they take–and I really appreciate those sort of actors.

It also reminds me of Yoon Shi Yoon (who has oddly been on my brain lately). He said in an interview that before he went into military service he wanted to “act passionately” to which we also said “FUDGE YEAH!” (I love an angsty sexy Yoon Shi Yoon) and then he just up and left for the military. I certainly hope that this doesn’t happen to Yoo Ah In. I also hope that Yoon Shi Yoon remembers his wish when he gets out….


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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland October 18, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I would totally support Yoo Ah In! If that ever happened, I’d probably need to get a prescription for blood pressure medicine or something just to watch it. And just you mentioning Yoon Shi Yoon makes me miss him! When will his military service be over again??

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