Musical Monday: The Happy Surprise Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 21, 2015


nell 2

There I was, waiting for my PT appointment, I was scrolling through Youtube and there it was. New Nell music! Did you guys know this was coming out? I certainly didn’t. You know why we probably didn’t know? The music company put out the teaser for the video—-the same day the video came out! Way to go guys. A teaser has one job. One job.

Anywhoo. New Nell music! 

This video is interesting in comparison to their last videos. Nell is known (well, known by me) for their strikingly beautiful, ethereal videos. This one is grainy and choppy and a bit grungy–deliberately so. Do you think they are trying to get back to their alternative roots? I want to say I love it because that would make me one of the cool kids–but I love Nell’s fantastical videos. However, I would give all sorts of money to be able to go to their underground concert, wouldn’t you?

They still have the Nell sound though. Nell is one of those bands where you can hear any of their songs without vocals and still be able to know who the band is. As with the video, I don’t love this song as much as some of their others but it’s a Nell song and I’ll take it. The next time I have available cash I will be shilling out for this CD. In the meantime I”ll be on the lookout for more music videos for them from this release.

Nell, Star Shell

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