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Posted by Stephanie on September 20, 2015


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Great news ladies! Great, great news! Well, great news if you are a Junsu lover like me. And if you’re not a Junsu lover please make the appropriate pleased noises as it’s best to just keep any of your anti-Junsu sentiment to yourself–you know, just to keep our friendship on the good side. 

So what’s going on with Junsu? Has he scheduled his military service? HUSH YOUR MOUTH YOU ANTI JUNSUER! Good news would be that we suddenly find out Junsu has some sort of highly decorated military grandfather so he gets out in half the time. Good news would be that he get’s a “You’re too popular to do the military just now” push back like Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun did.

Nope, we’re getting more music! Despite the fact that we already got a full CD this year, Junsu is coming out with a second full CD in October. Yep, next month! 2x the Junsu in one year? Heck yeah, we’ll take it! Plus I have to ask, how crazy busy has this guy been this year? He put out the one CD, toured, was in the Death Note musical, and now another CD? What a busy little beaver. I wonder if maybe he was left with a bunch of extra songs after Flower and he figured, “Why waste them?” or, even more scary, he’s decided to push out a CD before he goes into the military. Which–yay! On the other side, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to do what Jaejoong did and make a CD but hold back on releasing it until a future date when he is in the military? Then it’s less time between projects.

Whatever it is, I am very excited for it! Junsu! Junsu! Junsu! This means we get new music, and new music videos, and new concert clips! Word is he’s going to be doing another Asian tour to which I say–Come on Junsu. Come On. Come to the US. Please, come to the US! I would pay. I would pay lots and lots and lots of money to be in the same room with you. For you I would break my no high touch rule. For you I would be one of those people who stand there in line at 2am in order to be first in line. And I’m sure I’m not the only fan who would do this for you. I’m not asking for a full tour. You did it once before–you came here and did a few low key events, remember? You can do it again!

Anywhoo. Junsu. October. New Music. Woot! Let’s hope they will sell posters for this one too as my Junsu poster on my refrigerator could be refreshed…

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