Musical Monday: The I’m Very Disappointed In You Boys Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 31, 2015


b1a4 4

After what seems like forever (but in all actuality it was only a year) B1A4 came out with new music! Time to celebrate, right? Right! Word is they wrote almost all the songs themselves. Good for them, right? Right! Teasers came out and the boys look super cute, which is awesome, right? Right! Listened to the song and I love it, right?


That would be a no. A big no. A sad, sad no. If only you could see the poutyface which covers my face right now. Let me say, there is nothing wrong with the song. I’m sure it’s great. I’m sure there are lots and lots of people out there who are loving the shit out of this song. Fans who, I’m sure I’ll have to avoid now on the street. But this song is just not my cup of tea. Like really not my cup of tea. As in, about 30 seconds in I actually had to force myself to keep listening. And then at the one minute mark, and the halfway point…

I usually love their fun songs–their sense of humor–which was sadly just missing in this song. (Although the video itself has moments of beauty.


I’m sure it’s a sign of them maturing and growing as artists, and hey, good for them, I just fell in love with them and their sound, and now that it’s apparently changed, I’m bummed. I don’t think it’s really R&B which I super hate, but it is in that vein.

The question is if this song is a one off or if this is going to be their sound going forward? Are there fun surprises waiting for me on the other end of the CD? I hope so. Or even better? Maybe if I try to listen a few more times I’ll start to like it. Heck, I’ll settle for just being able to listen to the whole thing without making the poutyface.

Also, what stylist gave CNU the Davy Crockett fringed leather jacket? Uncool lady, uncool.

B1A4, Sweet Girl

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